Real estate advice: Bonnie Gridley

Preparedness as a home buyer is paramount. First explore, with at least three different lenders, their loan options for you and get a letter of pre-qualification, so you know what you can afford. It’s always more rewarding to go shopping when you know what your budget is. 

Real estate advice: What kinds of buyers are interested in moving to Addison County

hey range from families looking to get closer to family and come back to their roots where they were raised or grew up, to parents who are retired looking to have a home closer to their grown children and grandchildren.

Real Estate Advice: The market after the pandemic

How do you anticipate the market to change once pandemic restrictions are lifted? Well let me get out my crystal ball! To answer your question about how I think the real estate market will change once COVID restrictions are lifted: I believe this will con … (read more)