Mosquito district wants to keep Salisbury

The organization tasked with keeping mosquitoes in check in the Lake Dunmore and Brandon area is undergoing some changes.

Salisbury’s future in BLSG debated

BRANDON — At an Aug. 19 meeting held on Zoom and at the Stephen A. Douglas House, the Brandon Leicester Salisbury Goshen Pittsford Insect Control District board members were conflicted about Salisbury’s future with the district.The BLSG bug district voted … (read more)

BLSG and Salisbury still working on a deal

LEICESTER — Members of the board that oversees mosquito control in six area towns held a special meeting at the Leicester Meeting House July 1 to discuss plans for the insect control district’s relationship with the town of Salisbury. But they didn’t make … (read more)

Salisbury mosquitos get a pass from BLSG

LEICESTER/SALISBURY — Salisbury will no longer be sprayed for mosquitos by the Brandon Leicester Salisbury Goshen & Pittsford Insect Control District (BLSG), which voted at a meeting last Thursday night to suspend the town’s services starting July 1, the … (read more)

Salisbury, BLSG spar over membership, pay

LEICESTER — The town of Salisbury has a month left of insect control services from the Brandon Leicester Salisbury Goshen Insect Control District, known as the BLSG. Attorneys for the town and the district will meet during that time to hammer out any poss … (read more)

To spray or not to spray: Bug district honors request

The BLSG Insect Control District honors non-spraying requests and takes strict precautions by creating well-marked buffer zones around personal property and bodies of water. The District requires that a letter be sent annually for those individuals who wi … (read more)