‘Working bees’ tackle projects on local farms

It’s often been said that many hands make light work, and that’s certainly the idea behind the volunteer “working bee” groups being organized by The Addison County Relocalization Network.

Letter to the editor: Report on bees missed the mark

Make no mistake, honeybees and beekeepers in Vermont are struggling.

Letter to the editor: Are our chrysanthemums killing the bees?

Recently I bought a few chrysanthemums and asters from a local hardware store, but as I was about to plant them, I wondered if they too had been laced with the neonicotinoids I’d so carefully avoided when buying my summer bedding flowers.

Warming weather hurting bees

Some Addison County residents may have been surprised when warm weather rolled in with the beginning of November, bringing sunny days and comfortable temperatures at a time when Vermonters are usually starting to bundle up for the winter.

Bees help MUHS class learn botany

On a chilly morning earlier this week, a class of Middlebury Union High School students stepped outside to learn about botany from a large group of winged experts — honeybees. 

Ask a master gardener: How to help bumblebee queens overwinter

Wild bees are important pollinators for our crops, gardens and wild plants. In Vermont there are over 350 types of wild bees, including 17 different species of bumblebees.

Learn beekeeping history in Salisbury talk

William Mares will be speaking at Bees Besieged: A History of Beekeeping on Wednesday, Aug. 17 at 7 p.m. The talk will be held at the Salisbury Meeting House.

Pesticides threatening pollinators, lawmakers punt on limit to bee-killing poisons

People who tend to honey bees warn that Vermont needs to get serious about regulating neonicotinoid poisons. Legislators passed up their chance to do so.

Pollinator pathway takes shape in Addison County

A local group is encouraging people to make their property welcoming to butterflies & bees.

Local Food & Farm Guide: Vermont’s abuzz with pollinators

June 21-27 is national pollinator week and it could not arrive too soon. Vermont’s honeybee population and native pollinator populations are challenged.According to researchers, many native pollinators are in decline, or are apparently no longer present i … (read more)

Vermont’s pollinators need your help

MONTPELIER — Many of Vermont’s pollinator species continue to remain in peril, and as Vermonters are returning to their gardens and landscaping projects this spring, the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department would like to share with the public a few simple a … (read more)

Ross Conrad to offer bee talk on March 19

MIDDLEBURY — Local beekeeper Ross Conrad will present a talk on his new book, “The Land of Milk and Honey: A History of Beekeeping in Vermont,” which he co-authored with Bill Mares, on Thursday, March 19, from 6:30-8 p.m., in the Community Room at Ilsley … (read more)