Ask a Master Gardener: All about growing hellebores

If you’re looking for an early-blooming, low-maintenance plant for your garden, look no further. A hellebore just might check off several requirement boxes on your plant wish list.

Ask a Master Gardener: How to share your yard with nature

Your home landscape can be an amazing opportunity to collaborate with nature. With thoughtful plant choices, you can invite more biodiversity into your yard.

Ask a Master Gardener: How to garden in a cold frame

Get a jump start on the growing season by adding a cold frame to your garden. A cold frame allows you to start some plants two to four weeks before the recommended planting time.

Ask a Master Gardener: Is it too late to prune fruit trees?

This time of year, when plants are normally in their dormant stage, usually finds gardeners conducting late-winter pruning of apple and other fruit trees.

Ask a Master Gardener: What exactly is vanilla?

Most of us recognize that little brown bottle on the spice shelf that imparts a wonderful fragrance and flavor to baked goods and beverages. It’s a staple in our kitchens, but have you ever wondered where vanilla extract comes from?

Ask a Master Gardener: How to attract bluebirds

Spring is just around the corner. With its arrival, bluebirds will be returning north from their winter migration to the southeastern United States and Mexico. If you’re lucky, they’ll pay a visit to your yard.

Ask a Master Gardener: Cold frames as season extenders

Cold frames allow for the early planting of spring vegetables such as lettuce, radishes, carrots and cabbage by protecting them from frost and cold temperatures at the beginning of the season.

Ask a Master Gardener: Winter survival tips for gardeners

Gazing out your window on a wintry day, you might think that springtime is a distant prospect, but there are many activities you can do this winter to get ready for spring.

Ask a Master Gardener: Growing your own perennials

Many gardeners start vegetables, annual flowers and herbs from seeds, either indoors or directly in the garden. However, have you ever considered growing your own perennials from seed? 

Ask a Master Gardener: Valentine’s Day flowers

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show those we care for just how much they mean to us. Often, that means a gift of flowers. Throughout history flowers have held special meanings, making a gift of flowers more than just a pretty present.

Ask a Master Gardener: Get ahead by planting seeds indoors

The holidays are over, and we find ourselves in the cold, dark days of mid-winter. As a gardener, you may feel that the planting season is so far away. Don’t worry as you can start many plants indoors by seed soon.

Ask a Master Gardener: Call the garden helpline

As we begin a new year, many Vermonters may have lingering questions about their garden’s performance this past year or new questions as they plan to start or improve a garden in 2024.

Ask a master gardener: Growing greens in winter

There’s nothing like creating a salad of freshly harvested greens you’ve grown yourself from seed.

Ask a Master Gardener: Beneath the mistletoe

The mention of mistletoe evokes images of a seasonal kissing ball adorned with its leaves and berries or of someone sneaking a kiss beneath a sprig of mistletoe hanging in a doorway.

Ask a Master Gardener: Think outside the flower box

If you have a gardener in your life and need some help selecting a gift, read on for some ideas that should please even the choosiest of gardeners.