Got questions? Ask an Extension Master Gardener

Wondering when to plant your tomatoes? Confused about composting? Or maybe you need some advice on caring for your lawn.

Things new gardeners need to know

But before you grab a spade and head for the backyard, put pen to paper and make a plan. 

Ask a master gardener: Why you should embrace moss

Do you spend a lot of effort to get rid of the moss you find in your lawn? Knowing the benefits of moss may convince you otherwise.

Ask a master gardener: How to grow onions

A simple staple in many cuisines and recipes, onions can be a satisfying plant to grow in the garden.

Ask a master gardener: Hellebores, herald of spring

For a stunning display of blooms in early spring, most New England gardens would benefit from the addition of a remarkable perennial — the hellebore.

Learn the basics of starting seeds

Are you ready for an early season gardening adventure?

Ask a Master Gardener: Why you should give peas a chance

One of the most versatile early spring vegetables to plant in Vermont is the pea. Sweet peas, snap peas, snow peas and shelling peas can all be easily grown in home gardens.

Ask a master gardener: How to force spring bulbs

Watching the first flowering bulbs appear from the thawing ground in spring is one of my favorite times of the year. Luckily we don’t have to wait all winter to have spring blooms. A great way to do this at home is by forcing bulbs. Forcing bulbs means tr … (read more)

How to prevent loss of stored garlic

When you reach into your paper bag of carefully stored garlic and pull out a bulb to see a sprout emerging from the top… What do you do?

Ask a Master Gardener: The history of greenhouses

As early as 30 A.D., reports of greenhouses appeared in the writings of the famous Pliny the Elder, Roman savant and scientific authority of his time.

Ask a Master Gardener: All about seed catalogues

Nothing brightens a dreary winter afternoon like a crisp, colorful seed catalog arriving in the mailbox.

Ask a Master Gardener: How to force winter flowers

Forsythia in February? Impossible, you say? Not so. A vase full of flowers from the garden won’t take much more effort than harvesting some branches to force them to bloom.

Ask a master gardener: How to have fresh rosemary all year

While rosemary is not a perennial in Vermont, you can still grow and enjoy fresh rosemary all year. Just plant it in a container. Bring it outside in warmer weather and inside before the first frost. Why rosemary? It is attractive, resembling a small pine … (read more)

Ask a master gardener: What’s the romance with mistletoe?

Hung in doorways to spread holiday cheer, mistletoe is rich in mythology and tradition.

Ask a master gardener: Growing mushrooms indoors

Mushroom grow kits can be found online and in the gardening section in many stores. Available varieties include oyster, lion’s mane and shitake, along with familiar varieties such as white button and portabella.