Community forum: Tech can help end two-party era

Most of us do not need to be convinced that the two party system is incapable of solving our challenges. The mutual disgust with how ineffective and corrupt this system is happens to be one of the few remaining areas of agreement between the left and right.

What’s good for kids in public schools is good for them in taxpayer-funded private schools

Based on a UVM study, the Vermont legislature is updating the education funding formula so districts that serve more disadvantaged students have the ability to raise the revenues they need to care for their children.

Community forum: No public money in religious schools

Voucher proponents claim the bill will advance anti-discrimination, encourage compliance with state and federal Constitutions, and prevent future litigation. The more likely result would be the abolition of the Vermont school voucher scheme. 

Community forum: Word games can’t fix the climate

If meeting the demands of the climate crisis were just a matter of making numbers work out on a spreadsheet, Vermont would be in great shape.

Community forum: Lawmakers crafting climate policy

The current legislative semester is crucial in Vermont’s effort to address the climate crisis.

Community Forum: Why do Vermonters care so much about school governance?

With Vermont schools stressed by COVID, you might expect pandemic recovery to be the only issue on the minds of those working in education.

Community forum: What the pandemic taught us about college affordability

What we do next is essential to the health of Vermont’s economy, the success of Vermont students, and the vitality of our brave little state.

Community forum: Racial attack echoes in Vermont history

Racism punched Vermonters hard in the face with the shotgun attack by three white night-riders on the home of a Black minister in Irasburg in the early hours of July 19, 1968.

Community forum: Make your holidays COVID free

With the highest sustained rates of COVID in Addison County since the start of the pandemic, we are increasingly facing the unnerving reality of running out of room in hospitals and Intensive Care Units across the state.

Community forum: Slate Valley grateful to many

The overriding mission of the school board since the onset of the pandemic has been to keep our kids safe and to keep them in school.

Community Forum: These veterans work to end all wars

It’s been 101 years since the armistice was signed that ended the First World War. That war was so horrific that it was viewed as the war to end all wars. People wanted peace.

Community forum: County climate group sees progress

This past summer, the Climate Economy Action Center of Addison County (CEAC) completed over 40 interviews with diverse community members.

Community forum: BES problems merit drastic action

That one incident is merely a culminating example of policy and communication issues and utter ineptness that have plagued our district for several years.

Community forum: Gifts can come unexpectedly

The possibility of cancer didn’t occur to me. I’d never had a “bad” mammogram. How could I be so sanguine?

Community forum: What’s next for Middlebury?

We recently marked the end of our community’s largest infrastructure project and the single biggest change of character to our downtown since the town burned in 1891.