Community forum: Why I became a cop

Within the framework of policing, I’m daily presented with opportunities to exercise compassion.

Community forum: Election fraud lie is still dividing us

We see it every day on social media, where a lie can be shared and spread rapidly, reaching thousands if not millions of people sometimes in a matter of minutes.

Community forum: New spot needed for local airport

If an expanded airport is determined to be a necessary resource for Addison County, then a new, more appropriate site should be established for the facility. 

Community forum: Affordable housing ideas

Despite recent efforts, in our state and nationally, to reduce the housing affordability crunch, it is quite likely we will be in the same discouraging housing situation 20 years from now as we are today unless we make substantial changes to the way we do … (read more)

Community forum: Decisions loom for MAUSD voters

As a result of steadily declining enrollment and increasing costs, we have reached a tipping point where it is becoming unsustainable to operate our schools as we do now.

Community forum: Making Middlebury affordable

To say that we are living in unpredictable and challenging times is an understatement. However, as chair of your Middlebury selectboard, I am pleased to report that our community is clear on our goals going forward.

Watch for warning signs in elderly drivers

Having a discussion with an elderly parent about whether they should still be driving may be the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do.

Community Forum: VLCT report was deeply flawed

Imagine how you’d react if someone told you a state economic development program created 815 new jobs in Montpelier and Bennington in just a few short years. Sounds good, right?

Community forum: Tech can help end two-party era

Most of us do not need to be convinced that the two party system is incapable of solving our challenges. The mutual disgust with how ineffective and corrupt this system is happens to be one of the few remaining areas of agreement between the left and righ … (read more)

What’s good for kids in public schools is good for them in taxpayer-funded private schools

Based on a UVM study, the Vermont legislature is updating the education funding formula so districts that serve more disadvantaged students have the ability to raise the revenues they need to care for their children.

Community forum: No public money in religious schools

Voucher proponents claim the bill will advance anti-discrimination, encourage compliance with state and federal Constitutions, and prevent future litigation. The more likely result would be the abolition of the Vermont school voucher scheme. 

Community forum: Word games can’t fix the climate

If meeting the demands of the climate crisis were just a matter of making numbers work out on a spreadsheet, Vermont would be in great shape.

Community forum: Lawmakers crafting climate policy

The current legislative semester is crucial in Vermont’s effort to address the climate crisis.

Community Forum: Why do Vermonters care so much about school governance?

With Vermont schools stressed by COVID, you might expect pandemic recovery to be the only issue on the minds of those working in education.

Community forum: What the pandemic taught us about college affordability

What we do next is essential to the health of Vermont’s economy, the success of Vermont students, and the vitality of our brave little state.