Bristol to host Holocaust memorial event

At a time of rising antisemitism, hate and intolerance throughout the United States, Vermont students have begun to take on the responsibility of sharing the lessons of the Holocaust with their schools and communities.

Letter to the editor: Many support Jewish students

Thank you for the bravery and strength to write to our community and let us know your perspective of what it is like to be a Jewish high school student.

Letter to the editor: Anti-semitism bodes ill for all

Thank you for your recent article drawing attention to the presence of antisemitism, racism and white supremacy in Addison County.

Jewish kids at Mount Abe express concerns

In the wake of events at Mount Abraham Union Middle/High School last week, three Jewish students at the school have written a joint statement detailing their concerns about the school’s everyday environment.

Midd officials condemn racist incident at meeting

Editor’s note: This message came from Brian R. Carpenter, chair of the Middlebury selectboard. In the early moments of the Middlebury selectboard’s July 28 meeting, which was being conducted via Zoom, an unidentified participant hacked into a live PowerPo … (read more)