Letter to the editor: Anti-semitism bodes ill for all

Thank you for your recent article drawing attention to the presence of antisemitism, racism and white supremacy in Addison County.

I honor the three Jewish kids who have the bravery and responsibility to speak out about this and their experience at Mt. Abe. They acted despite their fear of being targeted by those who disagree with them.

Their need to be anonymous is itself a statement about the reality that can be ignored by those of us who do not belong to a minority group.

I am a Jew. I know that antisemitism has always been part of the Jewish experience. It’s in the horrors of the Holocaust and the insidious hate speech in some schools, some workplaces, and some neighborhoods.

It’s everywhere people choose to shut themselves off from those who might have different beliefs in religion, family design, politics — the list gets longer.

Aa a Jew, I do not believe that antisemitism defines who we are. It never has and never will. Otherwise throughout the centuries up to the present, we would not have the strength and courage and faith to deal with it.

The survival of Jews also has been made more likely by support from non-Jews, some of whom believe in and take seriously the teachings of Jesus.

Your article documents that antisemitism is increasing in our country. Why?

These are alarming times — not just for Jews — for all of us.

Ronnie Chirnoff


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