Letter to the editor: GOP’s top hope unfit for office

There’s something we fail to grasp about our national Republican candidate. 

Letter to the editor: We need better grasp of history

History, as seen by average North Americans, is merely the empty passage of time into the present, thus ignoring the activity between then and now. Knowing what happened is helpful in knowing how we got here.

Letter to the editor: The planet will protect itself

Without people, don’t worry, the planet will heal itself and survive. 

Letter to the editor: Trump’s flaws are obvious

As an intellectual failure, Donald Trump has a vast following of grammar school grads, who can identify with the knowledge gap and reject the smart elitism of their successful liberal enlightened neighbors.

Letter to the editor: Without humans, the world would heal

The planet has a protective plan for itself: Climate change, toxic waste, AI, guns and the ultimate “second civil war,” which will collectively eliminate people.

Letter to the editor: Pickleball seen as ‘only a game’

Pickleball — It’s only a game, and games are for kids.

Letter to the editor: Guns & our culture are a risky blend

When I was twelve, my father gave me a shotgun to shoot at quail. I was told they were sporting and a good source of food.

Letter to the editor: A cautionary tale

A long time from now a small organism will emerge from the mud on the ocean floor, and millenniums later will teach itself to read a history book found in the rubble.

Letter to the editor: Human rights violations not just China’s problem

China, we think, has a human rights problem. We are free to collect and carry military weapons. We are free to conduct combat assaults locally, inflicting as much carnage as the ammunition allows. As a result, the right to life is not always among our hum … (read more)

Letter to the editor: This leader has no credibility

“Which foot?” The man with the “greatest memory ever,” can’t remember. The foot can vary from one or the other to both, depending on the answer. Personal draft-dodging was not sufficiently important to make a lasting impression, or interfere with baseball … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Draining swamps is a trick concept

Draining a swamp seemed like a credible idea. Swamps, however, are ecologically necessary in a literal sense, keeping in mind, government services and swamps are politically neutral. In the draining process, four-letter-words are expressed through a Presi … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Holding noses not the answer

As a rule, nothing is as simple as it seems. There are conservatives who do not believe in a god, who separate church from state, who question those who question their loyalty. There are liberals in uniform, defending diversity. There are extremes and a m … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Trump attacks his many critics

When something offensive to the President appears on the news, his reaction is simple. Take the point and turn it around. Make whatever it was apply to the critic. The original point, reportedly “fake,” when redirected, is squarely on target. Meanwhile, t … (read more)