Letter to the editor: Holding noses not the answer

As a rule, nothing is as simple as it seems. There are conservatives who do not believe in a god, who separate church from state, who question those who question their loyalty. There are liberals in uniform, defending diversity. There are extremes and a middle, which come with any collection of numbers.
America will create wars to affirm chemical warfare is legally and morally abhorrent. We are principled in that regard. When on the other hand, Monsanto and Dow make and use a chemical, it’s perfectly acceptable. My commanding officer is an Agent Orange vegetable. No one seems to mind.
Liberals did not place a certifiably psychotic narcissist in the White House. A Labradoodle from either party would be more acceptable than a damaged child, who makes no sense, expressing what’s on his delusional mind. Signs of dementia show up in redundant phases, in the odd things he repeats, as if we are slow or hearing impaired, as if reassuring himself he speaks with the authority of Moses. English is not a requirement, but some language would be helpful. Thinking is useful, as well. A relationship with truth would be nice.
He’s a genius, according to himself, smarter than his generals, which wouldn’t be cause for concern if, first, he didn’t actually believe himself, and second, he could name two battles from any war or recognize reality TV and reality are not always the same. If a fish stinks, you can hold your nose. The fish, however, still stinks. The economy is a poor excuse for retaining rotten fish.
There was a time when he suffered “bone spurs” and borrowed money from Russia and liked little girls.
Patriotism is recognizing the significance of who holds the nuclear codes. MAGA hats are less important than radiation sickness, which tends to make scarce food taste incredibly bad.
Pvt. A. Lyall, U.S. Army, retired

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