Letter to the editor: Pickleball seen as ‘only a game’

Pickleball — It’s only a game, and games are for kids. In addition, pickleball lacks the history tennis has. It enjoyed limited exposure in its first 60 years. Besides, who would name an actual sport after a pickle?

High school tennis is played on respectable courts. That’s to be expected. Other towns boast fine facilities for both.

Meanwhile, Middlebury hides two pickleball courts that fail to fit the space. Balls bounce, or don’t bounce, in odd directions. The lines are uncertain. On an average morning, several dozen locals lineup to play.

If the stars align, the Recreation Department is preparing to respond. Four new courts might be created. Visitors will be impressed.

Oddly enough, the sport is growing faster than the population, faster than a child or Twitter, faster than Amtrak, a rumor, crabgrass or hemp. And it’s only a game.

Alec Lyall


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