Sheldon hosts gallery talk on post-Roe America

Professor Caitlin Knowles Myers will discuss a forecast for a post-Roe America covering changes in abortions and births and downstream effects on the economic lives of women and their families.

Letter to the editor: Donate to Hassan campaign to protect choice in N.H. and nationwide

In addition to voting for Vermont’s Constitutional Amendment Prop 5 and Vermont’s pro-choice candidates, another important option can be to send a donation in support of the re-election campaign of a neighbor, New Hampshire’s pro-choice Democratic Senator … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Anti-abortion quest is a power grab

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I really, really don’t want to write this column. I’m recovering from COVID, I’m tired, and I’m so, so angry. I have been involved in the fight for reproductive freedom for literally my entire life. My mom was a young mother in the la … (read more)

Guest editorial: Sen. Leahy castigates colleagues who would deny women health care equity

This is a debate about the Women’s Health Protection Act. Protecting women’s health. Protecting half America’s population in their right to seek the health care they require. Protecting their ability, half of America, to make decisions about their own bod … (read more)

Ways of Seeing: Choice makes America great

In 1948, my grandmother married my grandfather. Soon after, they had their first child. He was the first of ten.

Letter to the editor: Vigil for reproductive justice powerful, inspiring

On Wednesday we attended a Vigil for Reproductive Justice held on the town green. It was organized by pastors Andy Nagy-Benson and Elizabeth Gleich of the Congregational Church, UCC. Pastor Elizabeth led the event, and she was joined by Emily Joselson and … (read more)

MNFF film shows an assault on abortion rights

MIDDLEBURY — People in some groups opposed to abortion are targeting clinics that provide the procedure, even shooting and killing doctors and activists who promote a woman’s right to choose to continue a pregnancy. Dr. Colleen McNicholas, the sole remain … (read more)