Editorial: A sea-change in expectations, Trump’s path to the ash heap

We don’t pretend that the next two years, with a divided Congress and a presidential election coming in two years (and with Trump in the mix), will be peachy keen, but we’re hoping the public vote says that most Americans want a government that works on solving major problems and that they will reject candidates who wage ad hominem attacks on opponents.

Ways of Seeing: Positive attitude is the best policy

Emotions aren’t just internal; they are shared with others and can influence others. In other words, they have a social function.

Faith Gong: The November of middle age

Now, my experience of middle age may not be universal, but in my experience middle age is when your heart breaks and stays broken.

Letter to the editor: Clements visit was unfortunate

The Vermont I love has changed over the years, as is inevitable. But for me to read a local congregation’s willingness to identify as aggressive canines left me feeling insulted, even if they weren’t.

Letter to the editor: End of an era for Mount Abe hoops

After 31 years of running the girls’ basketball program at Mount Abraham, Connie LaRose was fired.

Letter to the editor: Mount Abe girls’ soccer deserved more coverage

I am really sorry to be writing this. This is not something that I typically do, but I am disappointed, and I will continue to be until I get this off my chest.

Letter to the editor: ACSD board member explains charter change views

I think it’s important to consider the perspective of someone who values the entirety of ACSD as much as citizens behind the Save Our Schools movement love their individual towns.

Letter to the editor: Middlebury Flag Football offers thanks to volunteers

This year, MFF served 120 young athletes of the greater Middlebury Community. The program could not run without the time, energy, commitment and dedication of its volunteers.

Letter to the editor: Independent state Senate candidate passes torch

The 802 Strong voters understood that my main issue was term limits.

Editorial: Dems have unexpected hope as GOP’s Red Wave fizzles

The big news on the national front is two-fold: 1) the promised Red Wave fizzled, and 2) Trump is being blamed.

Community forum: Veterans deserve respect, support

The service of America’s veterans never truly ends. Even when they hang up their military uniforms for the last time, many still choose to protect us.

Ways of Seeing: Monkey taught valuable lesson

Some years ago a gentleman named Jim could be spotted around Addison County with a young capuchin monkey named Cassie perched on his shoulder.

Jessie Raymond: Paranormal podcasts get to me

A couple of weeks ago on my way to bed, I was walking past the bedroom closet that serves as our laundry room when the dog, two steps behind me, stopped so fast his brakes squealed.

Building the library of the future: Ilsley’s Media Lab is a modern-day secret passage

A few weeks ago, a young library patron, perhaps five or six years old, told me quite seriously that the new library should have a secret passage.

Opinion: Media Lab to the rescue!

When the editor of the national beekeeping magazine that I regularly write for asked me to start recording audio versions of my articles so folks could scan and listen to them, I was again able to make use of the DML to accomplish this task.