Middlebury Police Log: Police respond to knife fight

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police responded to Main Street during around 11:15 a.m. on June 30 on a report argument between two people, one of whom had allegedly brandished a knife. Police said both people had left the scene upon officers’ arrival. 

In addition to conducting continuous regular patrols of the Bakery Lane area to monitor a local settlement of houseless persons, Middlebury police in the past week:

• Warned a houseless person about holding an open container of alcohol in the Bakery Lane area on June 24.

• Checked on a local person known to be having a mental health crisis on June 24.

• Investigated a retail theft from a Court Street store on June 24.

• Cited Kenneth Gilbert, 49, houseless, for violating the conditions of his release in the Washington Street area on June 24.

• Responded to a shoplifting complaint at Shaw’s Supermarket on June 24.

• Assisted Middlebury Regional EMS on June 24 with a patient who said she wanted to harm herself.

• Spoke with a man in the Abbey Pond Road area on June 24 who said he thought “some of his stones” had been stolen.

• Located a runaway juvenile and returned them to their guardian on June 25.

• Were called to investigate four loud “bangs” in the Benedict Lane area on June 25. Police believe the noise resulted from fireworks or gunfire.

• Gave a ride to a transient person with no transportation on June 25.

• Assisted Vermont State Police at a drunken driving stop on Route 7 South on June 25.

• Removed an unwanted camper from private property off Maple Street on June 25.

• Responded to a domestic dispute in the High Street area on June 25.

• Located a runaway juvenile and returned them to their guardian on June 26.

• Searched, in vain, for a person who had reportedly being urinating in public downtown on June 26.

• Responded to a North Pleasant Street store after a customer allegedly become disorderly after having been carded to purchase alcohol on June 26.

• Were informed of the alleged theft of some electronic equipment from a North Pleasant Street home on June 26.

• Served a temporary restraining order on a man in the Bakery Lane area on June 26.

• Responded on June 26 to a noise-related dispute involving two tenants of a Rogers Road building.

• Assisted a stranded transient man in Court Square on June 26.

• Investigated a dispute between some South Village Green neighbors on June 26.

• Received a report that property was stolen from a vehicle parked off Abbey Pond Road on June 27.

• Investigated a report of a vehicle stolen from the Mill Street parking lot on June 27. The case remains under investigation.

• On June 27, assisted two transient men in need of services.

• Searched in vain for a fox that was allegedly seen “acting strangely” in the Chipman Park area on June 27.

• Conducted, at the request of the Counseling Service of Addison County, a welfare check on some houseless people in the Bakery Lane area on June 27.

• Responded to a report of a verbal argument in the Jackson Lane area on June 28.

• Assisted a Jackson Lane resident who had allegedly been threatened by a neighbor on June 28.

• Took a stray dog found on Halladay Road to Homeward Bound on June 28.

• Helped Middlebury Regional EMS with a person who was pinned under a lawn tractor on a Washington Street Extension property on June 28.

• Helped a person found bleeding in the Bakery Lane neighborhood on June 28. Police said the person’s injuries stemmed from an earlier fight between some individuals hanging out in the area.

• Received a report about a man allegedly shouting obscenities toward women walking along Merchants Row and Main Street on the afternoon of June 28.

• Cited Dillion MacDougall, 26, for retail theft, following an incident at a Washington Street business on June 28.

• Responded to a complaint of “loud, drunk people” in the Bakery Lane area during the afternoon of June 28.

• Received a complaint from a Charter House Emergency Shelter resident on June 28.

• Responded to a report of three people arguing in Cannon Park on June 28.

• Were informed of the theft of property from an unlocked vehicle parked on Mill Street on June 28.

• Gave a courtesy ride to a drunken woman in the Jayne Court area on June 29.

• Patrolled the walking paths along the Otter Creek near Bakery Lane on June 29.

• Responded to a report of a juvenile allegedly running away from a Leno Lane home on June 29.

• Restored the peace following a report of a domestic disturbance in the High Street area on June 29.

• Responded to a report of a car-versus-pole accident near the intersection of South Main Street and Hepburn Road on June 29.

• Responded to Porter Hospital to assist staff with an out-of-control patient on June 30.

• Offered support and referral info to a local person who was experiencing a mental health crisis on June 30.

• Assisted a Middlebury College student who had received a threatening text message on June 30.

• Assisted Porter Hospital with a patient who had shown threatening behavior on June 30.

• Took a drunken man to Porter Hospital after investigating a report of a “scuffle” behind the Ilsley Library on June 30. Police said the man and witnesses refused to provide details on the scuffle.

• Received a report that someone had stolen a leaf blower from a vehicle parked near the intersection of Route 116 and Abbey Pond Road on June 30.

• Gave a courtesy ride to a local resident whose car had broken down in the Jayne Court area on June 30.

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