Letter to the editor: Graduation was great to behold

I just had a senior graduate from Middlebury Union High School and I can’t help but take a minute to reflect on how grateful I am for the ACSD community. My only hesitation in writing this letter is that I will forget something or someone, so let me just say the events leading up to the graduation felt like a gigantic hug. 

Financially, businesses and individuals support the seniors by buying ads and spots in the senior play playbill or donating prizes, which in turn allows students to have a very fun and safe graduation night all together. Additionally, the scholarships that are awarded to the seniors are nothing short of amazing — providing many diverse students with some financial support to get them started on their post high school career. However, the most touching part, as a parent, was seeing students march to the final assembly, with much of the Middlebury community out watching, and all the future graduates K-5 at Mary Hogan watching and noticing what a big deal we make of graduation, and surely getting the message that education through 12th grade is celebrated and championed in this community. 

I could go on and on, but I suppose you all get the point! It is important to recognize the great things that this community does, and highlight reasons it is such a fantastic place to live — and graduation is certainly one of them!

I cannot close this without recognizing the teachers and administration and staff at MUHS who put in an extra amount of energy and effort at what is already an incredibly busy time of year for everyone. Staff continued to have extra work added to keep the school cleaned up after each event that happened in the evening, teachers prepared awards and statements to highlight individuals, as well as attend graduation and many other evening events that took place outside of working hours. In addition, many administrators were at many events (including the overnight Project Grad) with smiles on their faces. I would love to name names, but worry I would forget someone, but you know who you are and you have not gone unnoticed. 

I know I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for our whole community, so thank you!

Amy Clapp


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