Letter to the editor: Green energy policy is costly

As this year’s legislative sessions wrap up, I’m left to ponder how our local elected officials could say they were acting in Vermonters best interest. From H.687/S.311, which instead of addressing the affordable housing needs of Vermonters in fact creates more roadblocks for individuals and businesses to build here in Vermont and aims to set back farming innovations by decades, to S.258, which would change how fishing and hunting are governed from our state agency to a group of board members which must include people who don’t believe we should be hunting or fishing at all.

In proposed bill after bill new taxes and fees were introduced all while failing to make the appropriate corrections to legislation that has resulted in double-digit property tax increases across the state. So it begs the question, should we continue to re-elect these people or is it time for change? The super majority are acting on behalf of their personal beliefs, biases and for the special interests of a few.

So, when did this power and money grab begin? Well, it started many years ago, but I believe it really went to their heads when they passed H.688 Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act of 2020. They did this quietly and mostly behind closed doors during a time when many of us were closing our businesses, schools or losing our jobs. We were told to stay home yet they changed the rules so they could keep doing what they wanted without the scrutiny of the public eye.

I know the first response many of you will have is that you think I don’t care about the environment. How dare I say this is bad! Well, let me tell you it was written with requirements that are likely not attainable in the time frame they laid out and allows anyone to sue the State of Vermont for failure to meet the requirements by said deadline. A reminder they wouldn’t be suing the State of Vermont, they would be suing you. It’s your tax dollars they would be taking.

In fact, we still don’t know how much it will cost. I can’t find anywhere where it’s clear how much has been spent to date and how they plan to pay for it if they can even answer these questions in the future.

We here in Vermont have the lowest Co2 emissions, we consume the least amount of energy and have the 2nd smallest population in the United States. Of course, this is never mentioned as they pass legislation trying to force you into buying an electric vehicle, telling you how you can heat your home or even how you cook or grow your food.

My point is that as Vermonters we are already doing a good job at protecting our environment. We regularly embrace new technologies when they are affordable. In fact I believe if our government would get out of the way our private sector would be able to more quickly, effectively and cost-effectively come up with ways to help protect our great state.

Chanin Hill


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