Letter to the editor: Armstrong appeals for votes, town meeting turnout

I am appealing to all Addison voters to get out to vote on Tuesday, March 5. I need your votes for Addison selectwoman and please attend the Town Meeting on Monday, March 4, at 7 p.m. at the old school. Vote for your best candidate! But just vote and take a neighbor.

There are many issues in our town government that need addressing; that is why you see so many candidates on the ballot. It is good to see that concerns are going to be dealt with.

Decisions are made out of meetings and then the change is announced when a newly appointed chairman leader is put back into place after having resigned; Peter Briggs. And as a selectman it is your responsibility to know when you are to be re-elected.

The unrest is showing. The selectboard must not interfere with the duties granted specifically to other town officers, boards or entities (committees) to delay progress on voted items by the voters of the town. Example being, there has been a long delay on the Town Hall. That now needs to see progress as voted for the town clerk’s office. In addition no individual selectboard member is given the authority to serve any roles alone, the full board has to hear the issue, discuss it and vote on it.

Vacancies are not being filled by absentee committee members. I feel this is essential for success. 

You are making a commitment to serve, if you choose not to, you need to be replaced. brings change. Yes, there are agendas and there need not be any agendas, just correct processing of the laws. Again there is no trust by the voters with no change with complaints. Ideas come out with large group and committee participation, good ideas to create needed changes that have already been voted by the community.

Nepotism is being used, partialism brings distrust. Our very large group of community people are split up deliberately to delay progress, less voting so the selectboard can deny progress, the Facilities Committee fell apart, now only a selectboard member is in charge. There is no insight to see the future!

Transparency is a big issue, of course you cannot be aware of what is not made known. Honesty is a big issue. If you do not attend you never know the dynamics of what is actually happening in your town. One goal is to have more people at meetings in Addison and West Addison forming large committees for progress.

I feel all issues can be resolved, with committees, and interested community members. Our community is at a time of positive progress, not to be denied by the selectboard. Yes, there are agendas and there need not be any!

All residents of this town need to make our town a success to lower our taxes!

Ideas sprint out with a group! 

I look forward to new candidates to be voted on to conduct town business efficiently for progress on the Town Hall and Facility. To be part of the Town Plan. It is an era of change, good change, the town is lagging behind on progress. I want to drive through my town to see restoration, creation and productivity. 

We can no longer endure the conflict, anger and refusals we voted for need to happen! 

Know what is happening in your town. Vote and come to meetings, it is your tax dollar! 

Elizabeth S. Armstrong

Candidate for Selectwoman


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