UPDATED: ANWSD budget defeated again; this time by 18 votes

For the second time this month, residents of the five communities on Tuesday rejected a spending plan — this time by 18 votes.

Letter to the editor: Armstrong appeals for votes, town meeting turnout

There are many issues in our town government that need addressing; that is why you see so many candidates on the ballot. It is good to see that concerns are going to be dealt with.

Letter to the editor: Addison candidates say they won’t vote as a block

I had an opportunity to communicate directly with Tim Buskey about his concerns that there were three candidates running as some sort of “voting block.” I thought it might be helpful to also share my thoughts with your readers, as I am one of the three ca … (read more)

Meet four more Addison selectboard candidates

The lakefront town of Addison this year boasts the highest per capita interest in running for office in Addison County, with nine candidates vying for three selectboard seats, including three incumbents. 

Letter to the editor: Be wary of candidates who are running as a ‘block’

The recent oversight in the town of Addison’s election process, failure to remember selectmen’s terms, was unfortunate. However, if I read the Vermont statute correctly, the selectman… “serves until a successor is elected.”

Candidates introduced to Addison voters

Arguably Addison County’s liveliest Town Meeting Day election this year may be found in the lakefront town that shares its name with the county, Addison.

Addison ballot hits snafu with misprint

The five-member Addison selectboard has pointed to a misprint in Addison’s 2022 town report as the issue behind the board’s decision to juggle selectboard term lengths on the town’s March 5 ballot. 

Letter to the editor: Addison has an election anomaly

You will note an anomaly in the number of selectboard positions up for election this year. In a typical year, there would be no more than two board members up for election. This year, we have three. 

Nine running for 3 seats in Addison

Three incumbents on the Addison selectboard face challengers for their selectboard seats in Town Meeting Day voting.

Addison Historical Society meets Sunday, Feb. 11

The February Addison Town Historical Society meeting at 2 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 11, will feature a special guest speaker, local historian Bernard Noble.

DAR mansion to hold an open house this Saturday

A free open house will be held at the DAR’s John Strong Mansion in Addison on Saturday, Aug. 12, from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. and again from 2 to 3 p.m. 

Addison homeowners to see property tax rates go up

As Addison Northwest School District officials projected before Town Meeting Day voting, Addison homeowners are looking at major increases in their 2023-2024 Fiscal Year (FY24) homestead property tax bills driven by school taxes.

Addison town hall fix could move forward

The Addison selectboard appeared to be ready on Wednesday, July 5, to take a key step to advance the voter-approved plan to renovate the town’s former town hall into a town office building and community center.

John Strong Mansion open for tours

The John Strong Mansion/Museum, located at 6656 Route 17 in Addison, is open for the season.

Addison property transfers

The following arms-length real estate sales were recorded in Addison between January 2022 and April 2023.