Letter to the editor: Students ask for electric buses

As members of the Middlebury Union High School cross country and Nordic ski teams, we spend a lot of our time on school buses traveling to and from competitions all over the state. Most student athletes do. We immensely appreciate our bus drivers and all they do for us, and the commitment the school shows to getting teams to and from their events. Without this service, the Nordic ski team would not be able to practice, and the cross-country running team couldn’t compete at all.

We want the best for the health of our bus drivers, and as athletes we care very much about our bodies. Having electric school buses would mean that our students’ and drivers’ health would be better taken care of. The buses we have now are loud, smelly and often place people in contact with toxic diesel fumes. They are not conducive to safe, long-term working conditions, healthy athletes, or a healthy planet.

Using electric buses would be an improvement not only for the people that spend many hours on the buses throughout the year, of which there are many, but for the state as well. Switching from fossil fuel powered buses to ones that run on electricity would significantly reduce Vermont’s greenhouse gas emissions and thus help preserve the natural world that we long-distance athletes depend on so much for our sports and our lives. We want the best for our drivers, our teams, our state and our future, and so hope that the Addison Central School District will consider electric school buses a priority in the new school year.

Vivian Ross, Class of 2023

Asa Baker-Rouse, Class of 2024

B Porter, Class of 2024

Henry Weston, Class of 2024

Eva Andrews, Class of 2025

Sarah Benz, Class of 2025

Jessie Bodette, Class of 2025

Keil Broderson, Class of 2025

Håkon Olsen, Class of 2025

Ethan Spritzer, Class of 2025

Mary Harrington, Class of 2026

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