Letter to the editor: Reducing energy consumption is a good path forward

At the end of last year I finally took the plunge and purchased an electric car. I have felt conflicted about the purchase ever since.

Climate change will be focus of ESI College summer series

For more than 20 years, Elderly Services has been offering an array of community programs featuring local experts, various Middlebury College professors, authors and others through our Lifelong Learning program, ESI College.

Climate bills face opposition from Gov. Scott

In the past week, three of the legislative session’s biggest climate bills passed out of their second chamber, and are likely to head to the governor’s desk soon. 

Climate Matters: Thoughts on the birth of my first grandchild

Asa Caleb Crane was born a few weeks ago. He came into the world with a full head of hair, and on first impression an undeniable charisma, a full array of important moral virtues, and a calm but determined approach to the new world in which he found himse … (read more)

Climate Matters: While CO2 reduction effort progresses, more work is needed

While conservation and efficiency are important components of an overall strategy to get to our GHG reduction goal, we can’t get to an 80% reduction by conservation and efficiency alone.

Climate Matters: As climate crisis rages, Green Mt. National Forest misses the boat

It is widely understood that cutting mature forests is bad for the climate. Last year the public responded with over 1,300 comments against logging and less than 100 in favor. This was a record.

Climate Catalysts Leadership Program to be held in Montpelier

The Vermont Council on Rural Development is seeking applicants for its fifth Climate Catalysts Leadership Program.

Winter temperatures are rising in county

The unusually balmy winter has affected some local businesses whose offerings rely on cold weather and reflects a larger trend of warming winters driven by human-caused climate change. 

Letter to the editor: Lawmakers must take action on environmental bills

Anyone paying attention to the relentless stream of “natural” disasters around the world knows that we need to make big changes to how we make and use energy, and we need them yesterday.

Farmers and researchers mull climate change in Vt.

The past year has brought its fair share of weather-related challenges for Vermont farmers. Following summer floods and a damaging spring frost, growers around the state saw their crops devastated, feed stores depleted, and faced a variety of other obstac … (read more)

Turtles, frogs hanging around in warmer winter

Herpetologist Jim Andrews has received some particularly noteworthy news — accounts of reptiles and amphibians active in late December, a time of year when those creatures have typically gone dormant for the winter.

Editorial: Freakish storms, hottest year, send unmistakable message

We don’t want to say it’s part of the new normal, whatever that might mean, but it’s no coincidence that these freakish storms are related to higher-than-normal global temperatures with a climate changing faster than anticipated.

Editorial: Sharpening skates for a race that may never come

As we enter the New Year, the weather is on our minds partly because it has been so unusually warm and snowless; but more to the point it’s how that changing weather impacts our lives.

As the climate changes, more Vermonters rely on state climatologist

In the days and months after the July floods that devastated much of Vermont, Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux’s inbox filled with requests. 

Climate Matters: False solutions or a greener path for Vt.?

This has been a brutal year for many Vermonters, with waves of extreme weather driven by climate change.