Letter to the editor: Betty Nuovo remembered for her green thumb

This is message that I sent to the Middlebury Garden Club.

“You may have already heard that Betty Nuovo passed away on July 4.

Betty contributed greatly to Vermont and the town of Middlebury.

You might not remember however that Betty was also an active member of the Middlebury Garden Club for many years. I first heard of the Garden Club from Betty when she used to head to the Sheldon Garden to do her volunteer duty on the weekly maintenance crews. I think she even got me to join her there a couple of times before I was a member.

I was very friendly with Betty. She was my neighbor on Halpin Road where her house sat on 11 acres. She had lovely perennial gardens and opened them to MGC members for tours. She also added annuals and especially loved her morning glories, which she trained to climb up the side of her house on strings.

During the times when Betty was not in Montpelier, she and I walked Halpin Road every morning.

Often she directed us to do chores on our walks. We had “trash walks” when we picked up debris along the roadside, and we also had walks with sickles when we chopped down the wild parsnip.

At 80 years old Betty was still attacking the parsnip!

Betty also planted patches of the common orange lilies along the road and they are still growing today. I think of her when I see them.

We will miss you Betty but we will always remember you. Thanks for all you did!”

Marilyn Needham

President, Middlebury Garden Club


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