Letter to the editor: Time to remove blocks from Dollar Market driveway

As reported in a previous edition of the Addison Independent titled ‘Dangerous,’ the label seems arbitrary. The concrete blocks that close off the driveway to the Dollar Market still remain as an eyesore. Trailers were even placed to cut off any access from the recycle establishment to the dollar market.

I am told there have been many emails sent complaining about this.

An important observation that should have been taken into account when the town decided to do this deed, is that the danger now lies when crossing three lanes leaving the dollar market to go left. Now, if someone was involved in an accident, they might be able to sue the town.

Wake up, everybody. Let’s remove those hideous blocks before this happens.

Maybe a petition would help. Whoever is in charge here should admit the mistake and see them removed.

Also noted is that the mail drop-off box was turned facing a different direction. The Postal Service knows nothing of this. The box is bolted down to a concrete slab. It is a federal offense to move a postal box without authorization.

Hope something comes of this for all who shop at the dollar market and for the danger it really brings.

Norman Beerman


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