Letter to the editor: ‘Dangerous’ label seems arbitrary

The other day I was traveling in Middlebury and coming off Middle Road to go to the dollar store. I was going to turn in where I usually do, right into the lot. Good thing I was paying attention, or I could have crashed into a concrete barrier that somebody used to block off the driveway.

Well, after looking into the matter, I discovered that the town of Middlebury decided this was a “dangerous driveway.” Dangerous, what, no more dangerous than coming out of McDonalds drive-through, where most drivers want to go left but that’s usually full until the light changes, but the drivers that want to go right can’t and some go into the right lane and make the left, cutting off other drivers. I have seen this with my own eyes.

Is the town now going to check out all potential “dangerous driveways” and place concrete to close them off?

Getting back to the original driveway on Middle Road, are there statistics proving there were mishaps there? Come on, don’t folks have anything better to do? That driveway has been there forever before the dollar store. It was a bowling alley. I used to deliver mail and that was the driveway to get to the drop-off box. Now anyone who wants to go that way will have to turn by the recycle station. I’m sure they won’t be happy about that.

Gee, maybe you could block that off. You can make the right at the light of Middle Road to get there, then when you come out, turn left on Route 7. That would be dangerous.

I’m sure the owner of the dollar market, who is a member on the board is a great asset to the community. Now he has one less entrance to get in and out of. What’s next?

Norman Beerman


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