Letter to the editor: Are Vermont’s environmental efforts worth it?

Last March my wife and I spent two weeks way down south. One week was on the Florida coast just north of Miami, the second on coastal Georgia. 

While it was wonderful to enjoy warm weather, the beaches and lots of sunshine, we could not fail to notice the profound cultural differences. Recycling was optional, there were very few solar panel installations, electric vehicles were extremely rare. Big, gas-guzzling, four-wheel drive pickups with loud exhausts seemed to be the vehicle of choice! Even heat pumps were rarely seen! In short, there was little evidence that anyone in that section of the country was aware of, concerned about, or even preparing for any potential devastation from climate change.

And, ironically, whatever change might occur, it will affect their way of life far more than ours.

Together Florida and Georgia have over 50 times the population of Vermont. Their culture is typical of most of the politically “Red” states in America. So, I want to ask our legislature: “What do you think you are really accomplishing by burdening Vermont citizens with extra taxes and fees for programs that really don’t amount to more than a spit into the 50-gallon bucket of U.S. climate change programs”?

Ralph Shepard


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