Local high school athletes test their mettle at recent meets

MUHS SOPHOMORE JAZMYN Hurley stretches her lead running a leg in the Tigers’ 2nd-place 4×400-meter relay team at this past Wednesday’s meet at Middlebury College. Tiger Sawyer Witscher trails running her leg for the third-place MUHS squad. Independent photo/Steve James

COMMODORE QUINCY SABICK, left, and Tiger Beth McIntosh run neck and neck during their leg of the girls’ 4×400-meter relay at a May 17 meet hosted by MUHS at Middlebury College.
Independent photo/Steve James

ADDISON COUNTY — Track and field athletes from Mount Abraham, Middlebury and Vergennes union high schools were successful last week at meets held at Missisquoi Valley, Middlebury College hosted by the Tigers, and in Essex for 9th- and 10-graders.

The Eagle girls took first and the Mount Abe boys were third at the six-team meet at MVU on Tuesday, May 16. and two Eagle girls placed at the Thursday, May 18, meet at Essex, including one taking two firsts. Mount Abe was the only local team at those meets.

On Wednesday, May 17, the Tiger girls were second and the MUHS boys third at their six-team home meet at the college’s Dragone Track; the Commodore boys were fourth and the VUHS girls fifth at that event.

The Eagle teams combined for eight first-place finishes at MVU, and the Tiger teams combined for a half-dozen first-place efforts at their own meet. The Commodores placed in a number of events at the MUHS meet.


On May 16 the Eagle girls prevailed with 132 points, followed by MVU (107), St. Albans (91), Richford (52) and Enosburg and Milton (41 each). Lauren Cousino and Ruby Jean Hall led the way for Mount Abe with two firsts apiece, and also winning was the Eagle 4×800-meter relay team of Emily Fritz, Isabella Shea, Olivia Devino and Cousino.

Richford (174.5) rolled on the boys’ side, followed by St. Albans (95), Mount Abe (72.5), Enosburg (67), MVU (39.5) and Milton (19). Joseph Darling paced the Eagle boys’ team with two first-place finishes and a second place, and the Eagle 4×400 relay team — Ben Brown, Will Iliff, Norman Benoit and William McLeod — also took first.

TIGER BAXTER HARRINGON (No. 6) and Commodore Grey Fearon (No. 10) lead a pack of runner in the boys’ 800 at a May 17 meet hosted by MUHS at Middlebury College. Both placed in the top five in the race.
Independent photo/Steve James

Eagle girls with top-five efforts were:

  • 100 meters: 2. Hall, 14.6; 4. Isla Underwood, 14.7.
  • 200: 3. Underwood, 31.1; 5. Emily Fritz, 31.4.
  • 400: 4. Fritz, 1:17.3.
  • 800: 1. Cousino, 3:00; 3. Isabella Shea, 3:17.7.
  • 1,500: 1. Cousino, 5:55.1.
  • 110 hurdles: 1. Hall, 18.6; 3. Shea, 20.3.
  • 300 hurdles: 1. Hall, 57.9.
  • 4X800: 1. Mount Abe, 13:00.8 (Fritz, Shea, Olivia Devino, Cousino).
  • Javelin: 3. Hazel Stoddard, 20.96 meters.
  • High Jump. 1. Stoddard, 1.37m.
  • Pole vault: 4. Devino, 1.83m.
  • Long jump: 2. Whitney Dykstra.

VERGENNES RUNNER JING Williams hits full stride during her leg for the fifth-place VUHS girls’ 4×400-meter relay team at a May 17 meet hosted by MUHS at Middlebury College.
Independent photo/Steve James

Eagle boys with top-five efforts were:

— 100 meters: 1. Darling, 11.7.

— 200: 5. Abel Atocha, 26.6.

— 400: 4. Ben Brown, 1:03.5.

— 800: 2. Norman Benoit, 2:18.9.

— 1,500: 2. Benoit, 4:44.5.

— 4×400: 1. Mount Abe, 4:30.6 (Brown, Will Iliff, Benoit, William McLeod).

— Shot put: 2. Atocha, 9.54m.

— Discus: 1. Darling, 31.12m; 4. Iliff, 24.1m.

— Long jump: 2. Darling, 4.89m; 5. Atocha, 4.53m.

On Thursday in Essex at the 9th- and 10th-grade meet, Stoddard won both the javelin (21.91m) and high jump (1.37m), while Cousino took fifth at 1,500 meters (5:45.16).


On the college track on May 17, U-32 swept both the girls’ and boys’ team competitions.

The girls’ scores were U-32, 231; MUHS, 149; Mount Mansfield and Rice, 88 each; VUHS, 26; and North Branch, 11. Jazmyn Hurley won two sprints for MUHS, Fiamma Battistini prevailed in the javelin, and the Tiger 4×800 relay team of Mary Harrington, Lily Lapiner, Seina Dowgiewicz and Beth McIntosh took first.

TIGER Ben Seaton leads the way around a curve on the Middlebury College track in the boys’ 800 during the meet hosted by the MUHS team on May 17.
Independent photo/Steve James

The boys’ scores were U-32, 241; MMU, 145; MUHS, 109; VUHS, 42; and Rice, 22. Matt Brown and Eliot Schneider won individual races for MUHS, and the Tiger 4×400 relay team — Haakon Olsen, Schneider, Kaden Hammond and Ben Seaton — also took first.

The MUHS and VUHS girls’ top-five finishers were:

  • 100 meters: 1. Hurley, M, 13.3; 2. Solstice Binder, M, 13.92; 5. Alixis Williams, M, 14.48.
  • 200: 1. Hurley, M, 26.74; 2. Binder, M, 28.95; 5. Williams, M, 30.27.
  • 400: 3. Sawyer Witscher, M, 1:04.78; 4. Finnley Jacobson, V, 1:15.48.
  • 100 hurdles: 5. Navah Glikman, M, 20.6.
  • 4×100 relay: 2. MUHS, 54.18 (Binder, Williams, Glikman, Hurley).
  • 4×400: 2. MUHS, 4:34.23 (Hurley, Lily Lapiner, Seina Dowgiewicz, Beth McIntosh); 3. MUHS, 4:44.42 (Binder, Williams, Witscher, Grace Ritter); 5. VUHS, 5:12.18 (Quincy Sabick, Mia Kutchukian, Gina LeBeau, Jing Williams).
  • 4X800: 1. MUHS, 11:35.95 (Mary Harrington, Lapiner, Dowgiewicz, McIntosh).
  • Javelin: 1. Battistini, M, 25.47m; 2. Cady Pitner, M, 24.79m; 4. Jacobson, V, 22.0m.
  • Pole vault: 2. Geneva Mott, M, 2.13m
  • Long jump: 3. Vivian Mott, M, 3.56m; 4. Torrey Hanna, V, 3.5m.
  • High jump: 2. Lapiner, M, 1.3m; 4. Dowgiewicz, M, 1.15m; 5. Harrington, 1.15m.

TIGERS MARY HARRINGTON (No. 10) and Sarah Benz duel with two Mount Mansfield runners at the front of a pack during the girls’ 800 at a May 17 meet hosted by MUHS at Middlebury College.
Independent photo/Steve James

MUHS SENIOR GENEVIEVE Mott hurls the discus 17.51 meters during a meet at Middlebury College’s Dragone Track and Field Complex this past Wednesday.
Independent photo/Steve James

The MUHS and VUHS boys’ top-five finishers were:

  • 100 meters: 1. Brown, M, 12.11; 4. Haakon Olsen, M, 12.36.
  • 200: 4. Gideon Palmer, V, 25.85; 5. Calder Rakowski, V, 25.96.
  • 400: 3. Rakowski, V, 55.98.
  • 800: 1. Schneider, M, 2:07.69; 3. Baxter Harrington, M, 2:10.63; 4. Grey Fearon, V, 2:10.7; 5. Ethan Spritzer, M, 2:10.84.
  • 1,500: 3. Ben Seaton, M, 4:27.03; 4. Harrington, M, 4:28.78.
  • 4×100 relay: 2. MUHS, 48.17 (Cole Schnoor, Brown, Olsen, Joshua Kafumbe).
  • 4×400: 1. MUHS, 3:46.74 (Olsen, Schneider, Kaden Hammond, Seaton); 3. VUHS, 4:10.69 (Calvin Gramling, Chance Koenig, Peter Maneen, Fearon).
  • 4X800: 2. MUHS, 9:38.46 (Matthew Berg, Spritzer, Toby Wells-Spackman, Hammond).
  • Discus: 5. Brodie McGuire, V, 22.67m.
  • Javelin: 2. Schnoor, M, 33.99m; 4. Maneen, V, 29.8m; 5. Brown, M, 26.41m.
  • Long jump: 2. Kafumbe, M, 5.10m; 5. Neil Brons, V, 4.71m.

TIGER SENIOR SEINA Dowgiewicz clears the bar in the girls’ high jump at a May 17 meet hosted by MUHS at Middlebury College. Dowgiewicz took fourth in the event.
Independent photo/Steve James

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