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Letter to the editor: Bridport’s Suzanne Buck has earned another term

I am writing to express my support for Suzanne Buck on the ACSD Board. I have known Suzanne for a few years now, and currently serve with her on the ACSD Board. She and I don’t always agree on all the issues that have come before us, but I know I can trust Suzanne to be professional, honest, and by-the-book. Suzanne is one of our longest serving Board members, possesses a wealth of institutional knowledge, and is our resident expert in parliamentary procedure. Above all, Suzanne is steadfast in her commitment to ACSD’s students. She is, after all, an educator herself – having taught special education for 20 years, and currently serving as the Coordinator of Student Advising at the Community College of Vermont in Middlebury.

There’s been a lot of talk about community in our District –as there should be — but I’m not sure that people here realize just how much Suzanne has dedicated her time, talent, and energy to both education and community. In addition to serving on the Bridport School Board and ACSD Board for a combined 11 years, Suzanne has devoted decades to mentoring youth as a 4-H Leader and has served the Vermont FFA for 18 years. She has given 10 years of service to Bridport’s Reading is Fundamental Program, and five years as representative on the Addison County Educational Endowment Fund. 

When her kids were young, Suzanne volunteered her time with the Bridport PTO and Middlebury Lacrosse program, and has even been recently involved with Porter Medical Center’s community work, including four years of service on the Patient and Family Advisory Council, and a year of service for both the UVM Health Network Policy Committee and Community Health Needs Assessment Committee. Action speaks volumes, and Suzanne’s work shows that her heart is with supporting youth, supporting families, and supporting community.

But here’s the thing I really want ACSD voters to understand: Suzanne Buck has also devoted the last three years to the Board of Directors for the Patricia A. Hannaford Career Center — where she currently sits as Board Chair — and her position on the PAHCC Board is through her membership on the ACSD Board. Each partner high school provides school board representatives, and Suzanne is one of two ACSD Board members who graciously stepped up to double their Board service duties and advocate for our students. This means that Suzanne’s departure from the ACSD Board could also result in her departure from the PAHCC Board. And I don’t think you’ll find anyone in our district more committed to supporting agricultural education, technical programming, and flexible pathways for students than Suzanne.

I know there is a lot of emotion in this school board election, but as you head to the polls, please think about which candidates have a demonstrated commitment to community service, and which ones have shown their desire to serve all ACSD students. Ask yourself why they are running in the first place. Suzanne Buck has already shown us why she is: for our students and our rural community. I hope you will join me in re-electing her to the ACSD Board.

Mary Heather Noble


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