Vergennes Police Log: Juvenile cited for break-in at Maplefields

VERGENNES — Vergennes police on Jan. 3 cited a juvenile for the nighttime break-in and theft from Maplefields convenience store at the junction of Main and South Water streets. 

Police on Jan. 2 reported on their Facebook page that they had surveillance camera photos of a young man using a rock to break the store’s glass door at around 11:50 p.m. on Jan. 1. Police said they then received information that led to the citation of a suspect they had identified as “a young white male with brown hair, wearing gray slippers, black socks, black/gray plaid fleece pajama pants, a black jacket, and an orange hooded sweatshirt.”

Surveillance photos showed the person inside the store taking an alcoholic drink from the cooler and possibly cigarettes. On Jan. 2, at least one person on the department’s Facebook page claimed to be able to identify the person in the photos, and soon afterward the department took down the post. 

The next day, Tuesday, Jan. 3, police cited a juvenile into court to answer charges of burglary, larceny from a building, possessing burglary tools, unlawful mischief, giving false information to law enforcement and furnishing alcohol to minors. 

Police thanked the public for their assistance in the case.

In other action between Dec. 26 and Jan. 9, Vergennes police conducted 28 traffic stops, five patrols by cruiser and one on foot, and two VIN inspections; fingerprinted six job applicants; responded to a false alarm; ticketed 11 cars for violating the city’s wintertime overnight parking ban; and also:

On Dec. 26:

• Responded to a minor two-car accident on Depot Road.

• Referred a call from a Waltham resident concerned about the nature of their in-home care to Adult Protective Services.

On Dec. 27: 

• Responded to a minor two-car accident on Main Street.

• Conducted a background investigation for another law enforcement agency.

On Dec. 28 directed traffic while company employees cleaned up a concrete spill on Main Street.

On Dec. 29:

• Checked out a report of a man either sleeping or passed out in a car in the Kennedy Brothers parking lot. The car was gone when officers arrived.

• Looked into a call reporting a possibly intoxicated man in a car in the parking lot near the Subway restaurant; it was gone on their arrival. 

On Dec. 30 checked the welfare of a Hillside Drive resident, who insisted she did not require a trip to the hospital. Police said AgeWell had also visited her earlier in the day, and that the next day she did go to the hospital. 

On Jan. 1:

 • Checked on a Main Street resident who was reported to be possibly suicidal. Police said he declined the offer of counseling.

 • Heard from a First Street resident that a roommate with health issues was missing, but also heard back shortly afterward that all was OK.

On Jan. 2:

• Issued a no-trespass order on behalf of a Monkton Road homeowner.

• Heard from an apparently intoxicated woman on Main Street that four hooded men had attacked her and pushed her into bushes. Police said the complaint could not be substantiated.

On Jan. 4 calmed a family dispute at a Main Street residence.

On Jan. 5:

• Heard from a city business that an employee just fired might be disgruntled enough to act out against the company.

• Calmed a family dispute at a School Street residence.

On Jan. 7 warned the owner of a dog that had gotten loose and had bitten a juvenile without breaking the skin.

On Jan. 8:

• Responded to School Street when a caller reported hearing two or three people arguing and a car alarm sounding. Police said the scene was clear when they arrived.

• Tried unsuccessfully to notify a city resident on behalf of Essex police of a relative’s death. Police said someone in Essex eventually was able to get through.

On Jan. 9:

• Responded to Panton Road after a tractor-trailer unit backed over a fire hydrant while trying to make a delivery. Police said the truck had to be towed. 

• Heard from a woman that she feared a man was following her around the city. Police spoke to the man and said they determined the concern was unfounded.

• Calmed a family dispute at a School Street residence and offered to get the people involved in touch with social service agencies.

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