Vergennes Police Log for Jun. 23

Between June 13 and 19, Vergennes police devoted resources to traffic control, conducting 21 traffic stops, as well as enforced traffic laws, which netted a citation for a driver for allegedly driving under the influence of drugs.

Vergennes Police Log: Officers help calm an upset teen

Three Vergennes police officers on June 6 helped first subdue and then calm an upset teen who was trying to jump out of a moving car as his parents were taking him through Vergennes to a counseling facility in New York state.

Vergennes Police Log for Jun. 9

Vergennes police on Memorial Day processed an Addison resident for driving under the influence of drugs after being told a driver was slumped over the wheel of a vehicle parked in the Kinney Drug Store parking lot.

Vergennes Police Log for Jun. 2

Vergennes police between May 23 and 29 were three times called upon to calm disputes and a fourth time stood by to prevent a potential disagreement from erupting.

Vergennes Police Log: Fender-bender ends with DUI

Vergennes police on Sunday, May 22, cited a Waterford resident for driving under the influence of alcohol following a morning fender-bender outside the Small City Market.

Vergennes Police Log: City police help with client dismissed from program

VERGENNES — Vergennes police on May 14 responded to Valley Vista facility in Alden Place to help staff at the rehabilitation center deal with a client who police said became unruly upon her dismissal from the program. Police said they gave the woman a rid … (read more)

Vergennes Police Log: Intoxicated pugilists show up at police HQ

Vergennes police didn’t have to travel far on May 5 to issue multiple citations to three people, including one for drunk driving, two for possession of cocaine, one for simple assault, and one for unlawful mischief. Police also ticketed two minors for pos … (read more)

Vergennes Police Log for Apr. 28

During an otherwise quiet week between April 18 and 24, Vergennes police spent time patrolling city streets. During those seven days, city officers pulled over 19 drivers for a variety of offenses.

Vergennes Police Log: City resident is victim of email fraud

Vergennes police on April 11 reported  that a Green Street resident had allegedly been defrauded of $1,500 by an emailer posing as the resident’s sister.

Vergennes Police Log: Sergeant helps woman walking in traffic

Vergennes Police Sgt. Jason Ouellette on the morning of Monday, April 4, possibly saved the life of a woman who was walking in morning traffic in the middle of Route 7 in New Haven near the bridge over the New Haven River.

Vergennes Police Log: Police report two drivers under the influence

Vergennes police cited two Middlebury men for driving under the influence of alcohol on New Haven Road this past Saturday morning.

Vergennes Police Log: Juvenile cited for online purchases

Vergennes police last week cited a 12-year-old girl into court for two separate incidents earlier last months in which the juvenile allegedly made a total of $2,100 in unauthorized online purchases.

Vergennes Police Log: City police cite minor for DUI

Vergennes police on March 17 cited a 20-year-old Hyde Park resident for driving under the influence of alcohol.

Vergennes Police Log for Mar. 17

Vergennes police and Charlotte Fire and Rescue both responded to the Valley Vista drug rehabilitation center at 1 Alden Place on March 9 to help personnel there deal with a client that police said was out of control and threatening other center clients.

Vergennes Police Log for Mar. 10

Vergennes police on Saturday were twice called to the Valley Vista substance use disorder treatment facility at 1 Alden Place to deal with program clients experiencing problems.


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