Letter to the editor: Recent articles appreciated

Editor’s note: This letter was written on Election Day last month but didn’t make it into the paper until this week. The writer said her sentiments, though, are unchanged. 

Finally, Election Day and the end of, “Vote for me not him or her.” Not that I want to belittle the issues, but I am, to say the least, tired of so much negative.

This is a thank you. First to this newspaper for the reporting of the horrible treatment of a good, firm, woman — Connie LaRose. We the people of Addison County needed to know what happened to this lady. I just hope she knows how much she really is appreciated for so many reasons. 

I also want to thank the Addison Independent for the wonderful Nov. 3 feature on Home Health workers Charlene and Karla and their work with ailing people in the county. I personally know these women and saw what they and the wonderful team of people of Addison County Home Health and Hospice. The work that Sharon, Rita, Marsha and so many other “Angels of Mercy.” My history is having worked for Maja Zimmerman, MD, for 20 years. She referred to these wonderful people as her “eyes and ears” of her patients who needed to be cared for in their homes. They did this daily, with such good care.

Now with the Thanksgiving Season coming upon us, please take a few moments and thank this wonderful agency for their tireless work.

I personally now know just how wonderful this new generation of Angels is still true to their name. I am being taken care of after my “fall from grace”; they are helping me to heal my ole broken bones.

So with winter starting to poke its cold nose out. Think about these angels out there on the road to care for our people.

Again thanks to this news outlet for not forgetting the important things in life.

Peggy Park


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