Letter to the editor: Middlebury’s pickleball players need more courts

Question: Why aren’t there more Pickleball (PB) Courts in Middlebury?

“PB is a trend that is not going away, it just continues to grow.”

Five million pickleball players, “picklers,” are in the U.S.A., that is a 40% increase over two years, according to Sports & Fitness Industry Association, 2022. It is appreciated that there are two lined outdoor PB courts in Middlebury. However, both courts are in need of significant repair. Each court accommodates four players per game, frequently leaving 12-16 waiting their turn to play. Right next to the two PB courts is a large basketball area, which appears to be mostly unused. It seems like that space could easily be converted to three PB courts and the two PB courts could become a basketball area. Perhaps this has already been considered, but it sure seems like the need and time to move forward has arrived.

Middlebury’s population is aging, and just like kids, we need recreational opportunities. As for accessibility, PB can be played standing or in wheelchairs, indoors or out. It can give you a good aerobic workout with minimal stress on your joints and muscles. Finally, PB can create an environment for socialization, an opportunity to connect with others!

So, I ask, why are there not more official PB courts available in Middlebury?

Virginia Silvey


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