Letter to the editor: Democrats really have done things for Vt.

Here are a few important facts about the Biden Administration’s achievements that help Vermonters:

  • The government debt fell by $1.4 trillion — the most of any administration.
  • Rebuilding the economy with the most jobs.
  • Adding a 15% tax on billion-dollar corporations (and negotiating with other countries to do the same. Now corporations will not offshore their profits and jobs).
  • Catching up on the very wealthy for not paying their taxes.
  • Lowering the cost of medicines and health care premiums: capped drug expenses for seniors at $2,000 per year; capped insulin costs at $35/month; lowered health insurance premiums for Americans using the ACA.
  • Chips and Science Act: $30 million funding for global foundries for its production of semi-conductor chips.
  • Assistance to colleges for computing technology, medical technology.
  • Grants for infrastructure, including but not limited to: electric charging stations, water, quality, solar and wind energy, and broadband expansion for internet in rural areas.
  • Transportation:

A). $19 million for TSA upgrade at Burlington International Airport and

B). Funding for public transportation to assist with shopping, appointments and medical care.

Sally Jenks Roth, Bristol

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