Vergennes Police Log: Unruly Valley Vista clients require attention

VERGENNES — Between Oct. 3 and 9, Vergennes police twice were called to help Valley Vista personnel at 1 Alden Place deal with clients who became unruly upon learning they were being dismissed from the facility, which is a rehab center for teens and young women. 

On Oct. 4 Vergennes police said they helped calm a client who became disruptive and had refused to leave, after which she agreed to depart peacefully.

On Oct. 9 they responded again to Valley Vista to help staff calm a client who they were told was not only expressing suicidal thoughts but was also verbally aggressive to facility employees. Police said they helped calm her and also aided in arranging for a ride to her hometown. 

In other actions during those seven days, Vergennes police conducted one patrol on foot and two by cruiser, one VIN inspection and 15 traffic stops; fingerprinted three job applicants; and also: 

On Oct. 3:

• Counseled a woman who called the station and said she was depressed, but not suicidal. Police said they spoke to her at length and persuaded her to seek help from her counselor and others at the Counseling Service of Addison County.

• Conducted a background check on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security.

• Stood by at the Vergennes Opera House because an out-of-town performer was concerned about a past threat made by an out-of-town attendee at the theater.

On Oct. 4 issued a no-trespass order to a man on behalf of a Main Street apartment resident based on alleged actions on Oct. 2.

On Oct. 5:

• Spoke at length with a West Main Street resident experiencing physical health and mental health issues, and eventually involved Age Well in hopes of persuading the individual to seek further help. 

• Following a complaint, told a Sunset Drive man not to allow his two children to ride four-wheelers on public roads or to ride without helmets, and told him to leash a loose dog.

• Helped a motorist get into a locked vehicle on Alden Place.

On Oct. 6 were told the rear window of a car parked in a West Main Street driveway had been vandalized.

On Oct. 7:

• Worked with family members to try to get assistance for a city man with dementia who is becoming more physically aggressive, including by putting his hands on his wife’s neck.

• Directed traffic for the high school homecoming parade. 

On Oct. 8:

• Spoke to a parent of a 13-year-old girl who had allegedly assaulted her mother and her boyfriend. Vergennes police brought the Department for Children and Families into the case.

• Were told a man wearing a black coat and a winter hat was seen entering a car parked on North Street and then fleeing the scene. Police said a man fitting the description is suspected in a number of similar incidents.

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