Field Days 2022 Results: Home and Garden Department

NEW HAVEN — Results have come in for the Home and Garden judging at the 2022 Addison County Fair and Field Days, held in early August.

Photo Awards

Kinney Drug Photo Challenge: Sharon Macedo.

Best Photo Adult: Heather Morse.

Abi Sessions Award Best Photo, Youth 4-12: Tommy Armell.

Best Photo, Youth 13-18: Lily Gordon.

People’s Choice Photo: Ben Munkres.

Judge’s Choice, Youth: Ben Munkres.

Judge’s Choice, Adult: Madeline Sturtevant.

Art Awards

Main Street Stationary Best entry in Art: Courtney Allenson.

Middlebury Frame Shop Best Color Rendering, Adult: Ellyn Mack.

Recycled Reading Best Color Rendering, 4-12: Saebryn Carter.

Sparrow Art Best Color Rendering, 13-18: Katherine Moran.

Otter Creek Frame Shop Best B&W Rendering, Adult: Courtney Allenson.

Recycled Reading Best B&W Rendering, 13-18: Katherine Moran.

Vermont Book Shop Best Entry in Folk Art, Adult: Britney Aube.

Judith Larson Award for Youth in Folk Art: Tommy Armell.

Middlebury Studio School Superintendents Award: Hadley Brown.

Sparrow Art Superintendents Award: Rhylee Macedo.

People’s Choice Art: Saebryn Carter.

Foods Awards

King Arthur Award, Adult: 1. Rosemary Zewinski; 2. Heather Morse; 3. Cheryl Cesario.

King Arthur Award, Youth: 1. Charlies Flynn; 2. Grace Tolles.

Middlebury Bagel and Deli Baking Prize, Adult: Melanie Paquette.

Middlebury Bagel and Deli Best Muffins: Ella Apuzzo-Kidder.

Monument Farms Dairy Prize, Youth: Mesa Reynolds.

Middlebury Natural Foods Best Decorated Cake, Adult: Heather Morse.

Best Decorated Cake, Youth: Normandie Cesario.

Maple Meadows Farm Best Cake: Heather Morse.

Honey Baked Goods: Perry Lessing.

Honey Baked Goods: Heather Morse.

Middlebury Natural Foods Coop Canning Award: Louise Bowdish.

Lillian Humphrey’s Canning Award: Margaret Hough.

Lillian Humphrey’s Canning Award: Mike Denis.

Wanda Goodyear Memorial Baked Bean Contest: 1. Cindy Peet; 2. Regina Bird; 3. Fred Peet; 4. Susan Bird; 5. January Stearns.

Garden Department Awards

Outstanding Youth Gardener: Maisie Peet.

Premier Gardener: Carol Krawcyzk.

Flower Show Awards

Fred Peet Award, Most Outstanding Youth 9-18: Ella Apuzzo Kidder.

Middlebury Agway, Most Outstanding Exhibitor: Lynne Rapoport.

Coles Flowers Award, Most Unique Entry: June Moncrief.

Shallow Rock Greenhouse, Most Outstanding Plant: Katie Jackson.

January Stearns Award Best Youth Entry, 4-8: Normandie Cesario.

Heather Morse Award Most Outstanding Adult entry: Cynthia Witscher.

Handicrafts Awards

Ervin Henecke Award for best natural fiber item: Courtney Allenson.

Patricia Henecke Award for outstanding socks: Sarah Johnson.

Deb Kinder McClay Award for most creative baby item: Keri Streeter.

Hermit Thrush Fiber Company Award for best knitting by youth: Payden Garthaffner.

Twist ‘O Wool Award for best handspun item: Alice Smolinsky.

Twist ‘O Wool Award for best felted item: Sharron Bigelow.

Eleanor Boucher Memorial Award for best woven item: Hazel Rakowski.

Quilters Corner Award for best sewn garment: Alice Munson.

Quilters Corner Award for best sewn item by youth: David Larocque.

Quilters Corner Award for most outstanding quilt: Christine Pouliot.

Quilters Corner Award for best commercially quilted quilt: Virginia Deering.

Quilters Corner Award for best quilted item: Phyllis Bowdish.

Bethany Barry Award for outstanding embroidery: Deborah Kirby.

Rae Dwight Award for outstanding embroidery by youth: Payden Garthaffner.

Rose Ann Farese Award for innovative modern stitchery: Judy Baker.

The Oxford Company Award for most outstanding hooking: Diane Neuse.

Jack Brown Award for outstanding woodwork: Edward Malzac and Mike Denis.

Jack Brown Award for outstanding woodwork by youth: Isaac Haskell.

Bethany Barry Award for creative shopping bag: Courtney Allenson.

Bethany Barry Award for outstanding creative crochet: Nicolee Torrey.

Golden Years Award: Alice Munson.

Jerry and Cheryl Connor Award for best youth handicrafts: Payden Garthaffner.

Grand Prize in Handicrafts: Judy Baker.

Leona Thompson Award Winner: Mike Denis.

Frances Monroe Youth Award: Normandie Cesario.

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