Tradition of gun raffles continues at the fair

Though firearms are not physically allowed into the fair, during Field Days last week groups were allowed to hold gun raffles open to everyone in attendance.

Fancy fried foods featured at Field Days

Tammy Shattuck introduced Field Days fairgoers to her fried pies at her treat’s debut at the event. Cassandra Wagner was selling fried cheese curds with just one more Field Days under her belt than Shattuck.

Letter to the editor: Imagine a Field Days of the future — the near future

As the climate warms and the rains continue (and the mud gets worse), can we start working toward making Field Days more responsive to climate change?

Field Days results: Ox, Pony and Horse pulls

NEW HAVEN — Below are the results from the ox and pony pulling competitions held at the 2023 Addison County Fair and Field Days, Aug. 8-Aug. 11. The horse pulling competition was called off. Ox Pull results 2000 Class: 1. Tucker Hicks, Charlemont, Mass., … (read more)

Field Days results: Dairy Fitting and Showmanship

NEW HAVEN — Below are the results from the Dairy Fitting and Showmanship competition at the 2023 Addison County Fair and Field Days, held Thursday, Aug. 10. NOVICE CLASS (never shown before) 8-year-olds: 1. Sophee Shepard; 2. Ella Pope; 3. Lacey Barber; 4 … (read more)

Field Days results: Home and Garden

NEW HAVEN — Every year, the Home and Garden Departments at Addison County Fair and Field Days host amateur competitions in five areas in the Frances Monroe Building. This year, the competition had more entries in almost every department than it has had fo … (read more)

Demo Derby is a friends and family affair

After motor enthusiasts waited an extra day for the popular Demolition Derby at Field Days, Moriah Sullivan Hebert opened by singing the National Anthem then got in her car and drove.

4-H kids borrow cows so they can show at the fair

For the second year in a row, Jonathan Chamberlin’s daughter, Paige, 9, was able to show animals at the Addison County Field Days Fair through the same 4-H lease program that he participated in as a child. 

Vermont’s own ‘pirate’ thrills crowds at the fair

Each year, families flood into the show tent at the Addison County Fair and Field Days, and sit on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the beloved entertainer Pirate Man Dan.

Niche club at fair unites button enthusiasts across Vermont

On Tuesday, Verd Mont Button Club member Sheri Ross, 73, enthusiastically showed off a collection of small, big and beautiful buttons displayed on pillows that the Verd Mont Button Club stand in the Home and Garden Barn at this year’s Addison County Fair … (read more)

Art exhibition at Field Days offers surprises

The Home and Garden Building on the Addison County fairgrounds currently exhibits 203 pieces of art submitted by folks from “all around the county and beyond,” as Handicrafts Superintendent Lee Greenwalt describes it.

Antique loom carrying on a tradition

The Antique Equipment Building at the Addison County Fair & Field Days fairgrounds is currently home to a wide range of antique farming and household equipment. 

Editorial: YOU make Field Days special

It’s their 75th anniversary celebration, and this year, in a special twist, they’ve dedicated the event to YOU — the fair goers. 

Letter to the editor: Field Days can plan to go green

Now that the Addison County Fair Field Days are over, the results printed in the Independent and school is back in session, perhaps it is time to look at what a Field Days of the future might look like.

Field Days 2022 Results: Home and Garden Department

NEW HAVEN — Results have come in for the Home and Garden judging at the 2022 Addison County Fair and Field Days, held in early August. Photo Awards Kinney Drug Photo Challenge: Sharon Macedo. Best Photo Adult: Heather Morse. Abi Sessions Award Best Photo, … (read more)