Middlebury Police Log: Police respond to screaming on Halladay Road

MIDDLEBURRY — Middlebury police responded to a Halladay Road home during the early morning hours of Aug. 17 following a 911 call featuring screaming in the background.

Police on the scene interviewed the man who had placed the call, who alleged someone had been shooting at him and others in the home.

Police said they found no evidence of any shooting and determined the man had made the 911 call “while in a drug-induced paranoid state.” Police said they took the man to Porter Hospital for treatment.

In other action last week, Middlebury police:

• Referred to the Counseling Service of Addison County a person who appeared to be having a mental health crisis on Main Street on Aug. 15.

• Were told about a man allegedly seen sleeping in the ATM vestibule of the National Bank of Middlebury on Main Street on Aug. 15.

• Cited Benjamin Emmons, 32, of Bristol for three counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, felony operating without owner’s consent, criminal threatening, and a probation violation, all following an investigation into “numerous property thefts” in the area on Aug. 15. See separate story in this edition.

• Investigated a crash with minor injuries on School House Hill Road on Aug. 16.

• Looked into a hit-and-run incident involving two vehicles while parked in a Boardman Street lot on Aug. 16.

• Were informed of the theft of “no smoking,” “do not disturb” and “laundry room” signs from a South Pleasant Street apartment building on Aug. 16.

• Cautioned a person about sleeping in the gazebo on the town green after closing hours on Aug. 16.

• Investigated a report of a small fire that had been set under the railway bridge off Water Street on Aug. 17.

• Interviewed a Colonial Drive resident who said there was money missing from her home on Aug. 17.

• Heard from a local resident on Aug. 17 who said his personal information has been used to open a bank account in another state.

• Spoke with a local business owner on Aug. 17 who reported company checks had been issued fraudulently to “several people.”

• Cited Robert Buckeye, 83, of Middlebury for driving under the influence, after investigating a report of a wrong-way driver on Court Street on Aug. 18.

• Arrested Timothy Farr, 69, of Middlebury on an active in-state warrant on Aug. 18.

• Told a Washington Street resident to dial down the loud music they were playing at around 1:15 a.m. on Aug. 18.

• Assisted a local man on Aug. 19 who said he was being harassed for money.

• Met with a woman experiencing mental health problems on Aug. 19.

• Helped an elderly person at a Cobble Road address who had allegedly been abandoned by their caregiver on Aug. 19. Police said the person’s caretaker has become the subject of a criminal investigation.

• Received a report that a vehicle had been vandalized while parked on Mill Street on Aug. 19.

• Warned a man about public drinking on Main Street on Aug. 19.

• Warned a Case Street resident on Aug. 19 about having a fire on their property outside of the burn season. Police said the person put out the fire.

• Assisted Middlebury Regional EMS with a person in need of medical care at the intersection of Court and Cross streets on Aug. 19.

• Responded to a family argument at a Weybridge Street home on Aug. 20.

• Assisted MREMS on a medical call at South Village Green on Aug. 20.

• Helped a person retrieve their belongings from a Court Street home on Aug. 20.

• Helped search for an autistic child who had wandered away from a Washington Street home on Aug. 20. Police said the child was found and reunited with their parents.

• Investigated a two-vehicle crash, with minor injuries, on Court Street on Aug. 20.

• Assisted a woman having a mental health crisis on Main Street on Aug. 20.

• Asked a man to leave the ATM vestibule of the National Bank of Middlebury on Main Street where he had been sleeping during the evening of Aug. 20.

• Investigated a domestic dispute between parents and a child at a Court Street residence on Aug. 21.

• Served a temporary restraining order on a person in the South Pleasant Street area on Aug. 21.

• Served a temporary restraining order on a person in the Exchange Street area on Aug. 21.

• Assisted MREMS with a person experiencing a mental health crisis on Mill Street on Aug. 21.

• Cited Joel Rivas-Osorio, 24, who is houseless, for domestic assault following an investigation off Route 7 south on Aug. 21.

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