Letter to the editor: Lueders-Dumont dedicated to justice and dignity

I write in support of Tim Lueders-Dumont for Addison County State’s Attorney. I have known Tim for years and know him to be hardworking and empathetic.

The days are long gone when we thought what made a good prosecutor was just the ability to win as many convictions and prison sentences as possible. That said, Tim will not hesitate to take the right cases to trial when needed.

Today, we want prosecutors who understand that conviction and incarceration of people with no history of violence, who have broken the law because of their substance abuse disorder, often does not serve the ends of justice. Instead, our community is better served by supporting treatment and recovery and maintaining of employment. Tim’s track record as Washington County Deputy State’s Attorney shows he understands this and implements it daily.

We want prosecutors who believe that cash bail and pretrial jailing of those who cannot come up with the money should be imposed only in those cases in which it is necessary to guarantee appearance at trial; cash bail and pretrial detention should no longer be the norm and should never again be used as a means to pressure defendants into pleading guilty. That too is Tim’s track record.

And we want prosecutors who will work collaboratively with police, victims, social service providers, mental health counselors, educators, the Department of Corrections, and defense attorneys to obtain outcomes that respect the dignity and the potential of both the victim and the defendant. That is what Tim does. Tim builds teams to get things done.

Tim has a track record of accomplishments as a public servant dedicated to justice. Before entering law school, he became the director of policy for State Treasurer Beth Pearce. In that role, he developed, obtained legislative approval, and implemented the ABLE program, which provides financial choices for individuals with disabilities. He coordinated the citizen outreach for and co-wrote the Treasurer’s encyclopedic report, requested by the legislature, on how to clean up Lake Champlain. And he helped Treasurer Pearce defend the pensions of every Vermont state employee and every Vermont public school teacher. He fights hard for what he thinks is right and he will do so as Addison County State’s Attorney if elected.

Tim has been endorsed by a wide array of state and local leaders, including State Treasurer Beth Pearce, Sen. Chris Bray, Rep. Diane Lanpher, Rep. Matt Birong, Rep. Mari Cordes, Rep. Caleb Elder, and the Vermont State Employees Association. Vote for Tim!

Peggy Nelson


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