Letter to the editor: Balint is the most qualified candidate for U.S. House

We write to support Becca Balint’s bid to take Congressman Peter Welch’s place in the U.S. House of Representatives. Notwithstanding the editorial support for her principal opponent in last week’s Addy Indy, and the guest editorial the week before, we believe Ms. Balint is clearly the more qualified candidate. She has worked with and for Vermont and Vermonters throughout her adult life, and — most notably — has served several years in the Vermont Senate, including as President Pro Tem during the last term.

She has a solid record of legislative achievement on behalf of her constituents and all Vermonters. And she has clearly demonstrated the ability to work with her legislative colleagues. This ability to get things done, that need to be done, by working with others is a key strength, especially when compared with her principal primary opponent, who has no legislative experience.

Ms. Balint has also distinguished herself from the other candidate by regularly voting in local, state and U.S. elections. Sad to say, by her own admission, Lt. Governor Gray did not vote for several years when she was not in Vermont.

Becca Balint is a responsible citizen and a successful Vermont legislative leader. She is clearly the more qualified and responsible candidate. Please vote for Becca Balint for the U.S. House.

Albert and Marcia Perry


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