Vergennes Police Log: Officers help calm an upset teen

VERGENNES — Three Vergennes police officers on June 6 helped first subdue and then calm an upset teen who was trying to jump out of a moving car as his parents were taking him through Vergennes to a counseling facility in New York state.

The first officer on the scene helped the father restrain his 17-year-old boy briefly until more aid arrived, and eventually all three worked with the teen’s family to convince him to relax and accept the ride, police said.

In other incidents between June 6 and 12, police conducted seven patrols by cruiser and five on foot and one traffic stop, fingerprinted three job seekers, responded to one false alarm and also:

On June 6:

  • Checked the welfare of a Vergennes Union High School student at her home at the request of a school official. Police said she was OK.
  • Checked the welfare of a Main Street resident on behalf of family members who were concerned he was refusing to take medication. Police said he was OK, at least for the time being.

On June 7:

  • Helped a motorist with a disabled vehicle on Main Street.
  • Helped calm a disorderly patient at the North Street eldercare facility.

On June 8 and 9 helped secure unlocked Main Street businesses.

On June 10:

  • Took a report of a fender-bender in the Shaw’s Supermarket parking lot.
  • On behalf of AgeWell, spoke to a Walker Avenue resident who will soon be evicted and helped convince her to accept housing elsewhere the agency had found for her. An officer built trust by helping the woman carry groceries, clean a refrigerator and fill out a Lions Club application for new glasses, according to Chief George Merkel.
  • Investigated the theft of a package delivered to a Main Street apartment.
  • Took a tip about illegal narcotics activity on Main Street.
  • After checking a report of youths on the VUHS roof, issued court diversion paperwork to one for possession of cannabis.

On June 11 backed up Vermont State Police at the scene of an alleged Ferrisburgh domestic assault in which a male allegedly choked a woman. City police joined an unsuccessful search for the man; they said state police issued a warrant for his arrest.

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