Letter to the editor: Balint earns vote of support

As the leader of a Middlebury manufacturing company with 50 employees in Vermont, the husband of a small business owner, the father of four kids, and the son of a 91-year-old Vermonter, I’m supporting Becca Balint for U.S. Congress. I’ve served on state government commissions and councils working on healthcare, the tax system and climate change; Becca understands these issues. Becca knows what matters to me as a son, husband and father of Vermonters. Becca knows what matters to me as a small business leader. Becca knows what matters to our communities.

Our state, our country, and our planet need Becca Balint in Congress. Her candidacy is part of a movement to refocus Congress on working together to tackle the big issues. As she has throughout her career, Becca will work for an economy that benefits everyone, for racial justice and gender equity, for a stable climate, and for peace. Becca knows firsthand as a working Vermonter and as a former schoolteacher how important it is that all Americans have access to good health care, good daycare, and a good education. I’m delighted to support and endorse a candidate who will make all Vermonters proud.

I urge all Vermonters to do several things: first, vote! Voting is the best way to preserve our democracy from attacks both from within and from without. Second: vote for Becca in the Democratic primary on August 9th. Becca will fight for our democracy in Congress. Third, regardless of your party, vote for Becca in the general election this November. Becca has always worked for all Vermonters, and in Congress, she’ll work for all Vermonters and for all Americans. Any vote is good; a vote for Becca is best.

Bram Kleppner


Editor’s note: Bram Kleppner is CEO of Danforth Pewter in Middlebury.

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