Vergennes Police Log: City police help with client dismissed from program

VERGENNES — Vergennes police on May 14 responded to Valley Vista facility in Alden Place to help staff at the rehabilitation center deal with a client who police said became unruly upon her dismissal from the program. Police said they gave the woman a ride to a shelter in Middlebury.

In other actions between May 9 and 15, Vergennes police conducted six traffic stops, five patrols by cruiser and two on foot, and four VIN inspections; responded to two false alarms; and:

On May 9, pulled over a driver in the city after receiving a report of a motorist seen yelling at a woman passenger in a New Haven parking lot and throwing objects from the car. Police spoke with the driver and determined he wasn’t impaired and checked on the safety and health of the passenger.

On May 10, looked unsuccessfully for a mail delivery driver who had allegedly just missed colliding with another vehicle on Panton Road.

On May 12, returned a wallet to its owner after a citizen found it on Alden Place.

On May 13:

  • Were told that occupants of a car in a Main Street parking lot had been yelling at one another before the vehicle left, heading north. Police couldn’t find the vehicle.
  • Served an emergency order to a Main Street resident on behalf of the Department for Children & Families.
  • Looked unsuccessfully for a vehicle reported to have run a red light at the intersection of Main Street and Monkton Road.

On May 14:

  • Spoke to the owner of two dogs that were running free in Falls Park.
  • Looked unsuccessfully for a vehicle had reportedly been operating erratically on Main Street.
  • Cautioned a driver for erratic operation on Main Street following an alert.
  • Referred to Vermont State Police a report from Clark Woods Road in Ferrisburgh that a car had tailgated a woman to her home and its driver had yelled at her.

On May 15:

  • Handled a complaint from a resident of a Main Street apartment building about suspicious noises in the hallway outside his unit.
  • Received a call from a man who alleged his ex-girlfriend was refusing to return his belongings at a meeting in the Shaw’s Supermarket parking lot. Police found no one when they responded.
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