Letter to the editor: More sense, less use of resources

Ah, spring weather, open the windows and doors, It’s 50 degrees out there.

Hmm, feels cold in here so let’s turn up the furnace. Leave the door open, it is so nice out there.

What a waste of fuel and dollars. Watch all that expensively heated air go out the window.

Now, it is too warm, don’t lower the furnace, but open another window.

Then, on into the summer. It is obviously too hot to open the window, so turn up the air conditioner.

Wow, it is chilly in here, turn up the furnace. Having both run at the same time doesn’t seem to ring bells about wasting energy.

Maybe try: If it is too warm turn down the furnace and if it’s too cold close a window of turn down the air conditioner.

I thought that would be more obvious with gas costing over $6 a gallon. But I see it happening.

Peter Grant


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