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Letter to the editor: ACSD director seeks reelection

I am currently completing my second term on the Addison Central School District Board. I seek your support for reelection to a third term. I served on the UD#3 board 1985-2000 with six years as chair during the era of the initiation of the Australian ballot budget votes and the bond votes and building of the Middlebury Union Middle School and the major renovations to Middlebury Union High School.

I strongly supported consolidation of our elementary and secondary schools into Addison Central School District. I have seen the benefits in improved control of costs and the ability to implement a unified curriculum (IB) in all schools in our district. Being able to have flexibility in movement of staff within one district has been extremely important during these times. During the next five years we need to continue to adapt to a decreasing district enrollment and to the expected legislative changes to our statewide school funding rules. ACSD must be prepared for these changes and this includes serious consideration of closing or reconfiguring schools. First and foremost, must be the equitable education of all of our children.

Our current ACSD board is a responsive, dedicated group of public servants. Amy McGlashan of Ripton and Mary Cullinane of Weybridge are outstanding contributors and I strongly endorse their reelection to the ACSD board and urge your support for Amy and Mary.

James “Chip” Malcolm


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