Novice hunters bag some bucks

YOUNG AND FIRST-TIME hunters combined to bring 121 deer to Addison County’s seven wildlife reporting stations after going out during Youth Hunting Weekend on Oct. 23 and 24.

ADDISON COUNTY — Young and first-time hunters combined to bring 121 deer to Addison County’s seven wildlife reporting stations after going out during Youth Hunting Weekend on Oct. 23 and 24.

That total was the second-highest for an Addison County Youth Hunting Weekend, trailing only 2019’s record high of 142. Other annual takes ranged from a low of 78 in 2015 to 110 in both 2017 and 2018.

For 2020, a wrinkle Department of Fish and Wildlife officials introduced no doubt boosted Youth Weekend numbers. Starting last year and this year, F&W has allowed first-time deer-hunting license holders ages 16 and up to join younger hunters during Youth Hunting Weekend, which now doubles as Novice Weekend.

Still, 2021’s total ran ahead of 2020’s youth weekend, during which young and novice hunters brought 105 deer to one of the following Addison County reporting stations: Rack ’N Reel in New Haven, Vermont Field Sports in Middlebury, Buxton’s Store in Orwell, West Addison General Store, Lincoln General Store, Green Mountain Trails End in Bristol, and C&S Hunting Supplies in East Middlebury.

Overall, as of the end of the opening weekend of the 16-day rifle season (Nov. 14) hunters had taken 595 deer to be weighed at Addison County stations.

That number includes 203 bucks taken opening weekend of rifle season; the 121 brought down during Youth and Novice Hunting Weekend on Oct. 23 and 24, 202 deer killed in the first portion of the bow season (Oct. 1 to Nov. 12), and 67 taken on the first portion of the muzzleloader season (Oct. 28-31).

Still remaining to add to the county total are the final 14 days of rifle season, the muzzleloader season that will run from Dec. 4 to 12, and the remainder of the archery season, which will last from Nov. 29 to Dec. 15. The Independent plans on Dec. 2 to update the total to include the rifle season’s final count, and will wrap up all the seasons after Dec. 15.

It looks likely the county will not approach the 2020 all-season record total of 1,745 deer taken, but that hunters could make a collective run at 2019’s second-best all-time total of 1,324.

The most notable deer taken on Oct. 23 or 24 was reported to Buxton’s Store: Jacob Kemp shot a 195-pound buck with a 9-point rack in Sudbury.

Also of note and weighed at Buxton’s was a 182-pound, 6-point buck Alyza Hall took down in Orwell, and many others found success for the first time in their hunting careers on Oct. 23 and 24.

The following young or novice hunters had deer weighed in Addison County during Youth Hunting Weekend. They are listed by town of kill, pounds and points if bucks, and pounds if doe or fawns.


Ashtin Stearns, Ferrisburgh, buck 176 pounds-6 points; Alexis Perlee, Bristol, buck 170-7; Thatcher Mobbs, Hinesburg, buck 170-4; Greyson VanderWey, New Haven, buck 157-6; Octavia Devine, doe 148; Kiley Sorrell, Charlotte, buck 140-4; Layne Kipp, New Haven, doe 135; Eric Rossier, Ferrisburgh, buck 135-5; Owen Butterfield, doe 134; Jacob Badman, Monkton, doe 134; Bradley McGarghan, Warren, doe 133; and Brayden Fay, Bristol, buck 132-2.

Also, Jennifer Hamel, New Haven, doe 130; Mason White, Hinesburg, doe 128; Isaac Preston, Panton, buck 128-3; Collin Chamberlain, Bridport, doe 127; Elijah Munson, Bridport, buck 124-2; Caleb Stearns, Ferrisburgh, doe 122; Rogan Jackman, Ferrisburgh, doe 122; Mason Livingston, doe 121; Darien Haselton, Huntington, doe 120; Remington Cousino, Starksboro, doe 120; Alexis Freegard, Middlebury, doe 119; and Eleanor Hurlburt, Monkton, doe 118.

Also, Evan Taubes, Charlotte, doe 117; Eli Sturtevant, New Haven, buck 116-6; Brian Morin, New Haven, doe 116; Paden Lathrop, New Haven, buck 114-4; Willa Lathrop, New Haven, buck 112-3; Owen Jenkins, New Haven, doe 112; Jordan Schroeder, Bristol, doe 112; Walker Forand, Bristol, doe 111; Brian Bora, Charlotte, doe 110; Carter Fitzsimmons, Ferrisburgh, doe 110; Walker Ayer, Alburgh, doe 109; and Gavin Graves, Waltham, buck 109-2.

Also, Peyton Ball, New Haven, 109 doe; Rudolf Vorsteveld, Panton, buck 108-3; Dakota Parker, Panton, buck, 108-6; Ethan Hallock, Ferrisburgh, buck 107-3; Jasmine Heath, Waitsfield, doe 106; Jennifer Brochu, New Haven, buck 106-2; Lucas Estey, Waltham, buck 104-3; Ferrisburgh, Kyle Clark, doe 103; Violet Whitcomb, Bristol, buck 102-2; Jenna Paquin, Ferrisburgh, doe 100; Wyatt Allenson, New Haven, doe 98; and Elizabeth Hahn, Bristol, doe 98.

Also, Jonathan Pinnell, Monkton, doe 98; Brian Peters, Waitsfield, doe 97; Landon Griner, New Haven, doe 97; Tyler Linehan, Monkton, doe 96; Hunter Meacham, Panton, doe 95; Chase Stokes, New Haven, doe 94; Ryder Heffernan, Bristol, doe 89; Jack Barnum, Monkton, doe 88; Adam Bolduc, New Haven, male 74; Jayden Ploof, Ferrisburgh, male 58; Mckenna Graves, Panton, female 58; Zachary Norris, Starksboro, male 57; and Levi Mcguire, male 50.


Lucas Whitney, Brandon, doe 137; Ashlynn Ketcham, Shoreham, doe 134; Casey Calzini, New Haven, buck 130-7; Levi Whitney, Brandon, doe 115; Maison Bourdeau, West Haven, doe 110; Hagan White, Middlebury, buck 108-2; Timothy Whitney, Shoreham, doe 105; and Keldon Lapell, Cornwall, buck 101-2.

Also, Timothy Nop, Middlebury, buck 100-2; James Malcolm, Middlebury, doe 100; Silas Ranney, Bridport, buck 96-2; Ryan Rheaume, Middlebury, doe 94; Dylan Kolesnick, Middlebury, buck 94-3; Wyatt Fallon, Leicester, doe 82; Ethan Ramsey, New Haven, female 60; Myckenzie Thibault, Bakersfield, female 60; and Madison English, Salisbury, male 55.


Jack Almeida, Orwell, buck 120-4; Quinlan Warner-Hall, Fair Haven, doe 94; Cole Warren, Shoreham, buck 123-4; Drake Felkl, Sudbury, buck 117-2; Cohen Sheldrick, West Haven, buck 102-3; Rowen Beeman, Benson, buck 128-4; Lexi Orelans, Orwell, buck 176-5; Charlotte Newton, Sudbury, buck 171-5; Erin Mulcahy, Sudbury, doe 127; and Kaylana Simons, Orwell, doe 121.

Also, Ethan Mulcahy, Sudbury, buck 173-5; Aubrey Norris, Leicester, fawn 57; Henry Young, Orwell, buck 132-2; Jacob Kemp, Sudbury, buck 195-9; Caleb Foster, Orwell, buck 130-2; Ben Debisschop, Shoreham, doe 104; Renee Plouffe, Bridport, buck 171-9; Augustus Lucas, Orwell, buck 172-8; Brylen Russell, Orwell, buck 168-8; Jacob Clifford, Orwell doe 123; and Eric Paige, Shoreham, doe 150.

Also, Carter Paquette, Shoreham, doe 97; Wyatt Stearns, Shoreham, buck 145-5; Ruby Little, Bridport, fawn 53; Tanner Burns, Shoreham, doe 132; River Hardt, Hubbardton, buck 123-2; Alyza Hall, Orwell, buck 182-6; Austin Rheaume, Cornwall, doe 119; Zachary Dragon, Sudbury, doe 105; Ayden Trombley, Cornwall, buck 108-2; Ivan Trombley, West Haven, doe 140; Asa Young, Orwell, buck 105-5; and Julia Carrara, Castleton, doe 104.


Gavin McNulty, Salisbury, buck 137-5; Tucker Porter, Lincoln, doe 92; Conner Reynolds, Lincoln, doe 109; and Logan McNulty, Sudbury, buck 169-6.


Cecilia Didyoung, Panton, doe 101; Kaden Lacompte, Panton, male 65; Kade DeVries, Addison, doe 111; and Quinton Brown, Shoreham, doe 125.


Cody Warner, Middlebury, buck 134-2; Kaleb Morse, Cornwall, buck 165-8; Cassidy Brown, Middlebury, doe 86; and Kaydence White, Middlebury, doe 105.

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