Where have these children gone? Artist seeks painting subjects

ARTIST INGA WALDEN painted these two portraits of children based on photos she saw around 30 years ago. If you know who these kids are, let Inga know by sending an email to [email protected].

Salisbury’s Inga Walden has been an artist for almost all of her 93 years. In the late ’80s or early ’90s she created two paintings of children which she has admired in her home ever since. She made the paintings from photographs taken at Addison County Fair and Field Days. She’s not sure if her late husband, Graham, or someone else took the photos, but she distinctly remembers that the photos were published in the Addison Independent around fair time.


Walden sold her house and is liquidating a lifetime of oil paintings and watercolors that she has created. Someone offered to buy these two paintings but she decided to hold off on the sale and see if she could find out who the subjects of the paintings were and make them available to them.

“I’ve enjoyed looking at them for 30 years,” Walden said.

One is an oil painting that portrays a little boy in a cowboy hat and bib overalls sitting in the grass eating one end of an ear of corn while a little black dog happily maws on the other end of the cob.

“I saw the picture and I could not resist that boy eating the corn, and the dog [eating it], too,” Walden said. “I had to paint it.”

The watercolor shows a small blonde child getting ready to launch a ball up toward a basketball hoop way above their head.

If you can identify the children in these photos, Inga Walden would love to hear from you. Drop an email to [email protected], and we’ll put you in touch.

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