Letter to the editor: Creative siting a wise strategy

In response to Bill McKibben’s guest editorial in the Sept. 30 Addison Independent:

Once again, Bill, it’s not “what” but “how.”

It is my belief that Vermonters are “all in” for climate action and renewable energy. Vermonters understand, more than most, that we are in dire straits concerning the climate and Earth’s species. However, do we really have to destroy what is so unique and beautiful about Vermont to achieve our climate goals? I don’t think so. Can we site solar installations in better places that do not offend citizens? I think so. The more distributed the energy, the better, for the landscape and for grid efficacy. First, we continue to weatherize. Then, how about solar-panels covering the roofs on shopping-mall buildings, for example, at Taft Corners, Williston, and other similar sites that are not destroying views? How about mandating that all new construction not only use energy-efficiency building techniques, but also create, via solar power, a significant percentage of the energy it will require? Why are we asking people to give up what makes Vermont special when we have plenty of busier sites of which we can take advantage?

Bill, you are so quick to “sell out” a good thing to mitigate climate change, just like years ago with the large power-line project in Addison County. Let’s be careful not to destroy more of this amazing planet in trying to save her. Let’s think before we act and do this climate-change mitigation correctly. There are ways to achieve the climate goal without despoiling the treasures that we hold so dear.

Judy Kowalczyk


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