Cornwall thinks green with solar on its town hall

Cornwall’s 142-year-old town hall could soon be capped with a 21st century crown of solar panels aimed at saving local taxpayers money while encouraging them to make similar investments in green energy.

Lincoln library selected to receive a solar grant

The Lincoln Library was recently selected as one of only four libraries across the U.S. and Canada to receive a 2022 EBSCO Solar Grant.

Big solar array pitched in Middlebury

A developer is seeking state permission to install a 2.2-megawatt solar farm on land off Halladay Road and Middle Road South in Middlebury.

Letter to the editor: Fight Putin and go solar now

I am fighting against Putin and the energy cartels by going solar.

Climate Matters: Learning to love ugly

This summer several tons of steel, glass and silicon will arrive near my side yard. This will be assembled, noisily, into a 30-acre power plant that will reduce my employer Middlebury College’s reliance on the electricity it currently buys from Green Moun … (read more)

Solar field on Bristol landfill goes live

Renewable energy supporters were all aglow in Bristol this past Saturday as they celebrated the completion of Bristol Community Solar, a 500kWh array built on the site of the town’s former landfill.

Letter to the editor: Add solar arrays to parking lots, not farm fields

I appreciate Bill McKibben’s guest editorial about the need for many more solar panels in Vermont in response to our climate emergency. In light of this climate emergency I would like to see some refinement on where these arrays are built.

Bristol seeing significant solar investment

If the 500kW community solar project under construction on 3 acres of Bristol’s former town landfill is completed, as hoped, by New Year’s, the project will have gone from idea to operational in less than two years.

Light shines bright on college solar project

Some of the state’s brightest political, academic and entrepreneurial stars converged on a picturesque pasture in Middlebury on Tuesday morning, but it was the sun that stole the show.

Letter to the editor: Solar arrays a pleasure to see

In response to Bill McKibben’s editorial, when I see solar arrays or wind turbines I am very glad.

Letter to the editor: Creative siting a wise strategy

Do we really have to destroy what is so unique and beautiful about Vermont to achieve our climate goals?

Guest editorial: ‘Offensive and shocking:’ We better come to terms with solar panels soon

This is a story of a state that’s failing to understand we’re actually in a climate emergency, and continuing with business that looks a lot like usual.

Voters OK Ripton exit from ACSD and Middlebury solar proposal

MIDDLEBURY — Small numbers of voters in six Addison County towns showed up at the polls on Tuesday to approve Middlebury’s $323,000 investment in a solar project in Bristol’s former landfill, and to endorse a financial separation agreement between the tow … (read more)

Middlebury solar purchase up for vote

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury residents will go to the polls on Tuesday, Aug. 31, to cast ballots on a proposal to invest in a Bristol-based solar project to the tune of $323,000.On the same ballot Middlebury voters will be asked to endorse the financial terms … (read more)

Letter to the editor: Support Midd. solar bond plan

I am writing to urge a “YES” vote on Middlebury’s Aug. 31 bond vote related to the Bristol Community Solar Project (BCS). The town’s investment will purchase a minimum of 15% of BCS and will begin returning value in the form of credits on the town’s elect … (read more)