Middlebury Police Log: Rock-throwing man calmed by cops

MIDDLEBURY — On Sunday, Sept. 26, Middlebury police spoke with and calmed a man who reportedly threw rocks at a low-flying helicopter that was inspecting power lines. Police said the man was upset that the  helicopter had been flying “for a prolonged period of time over his house with no prior notice given.”

Police also reported that no rocks struck the helicopter.

In other incidents between Sept. 20 and 26, Middlebury police:

On Sept. 20:

•  Went to Button Bay Road in Ferrisburgh to help Vermont State Police with an intoxicated male reportedly armed with a large knife who had threatened other people at the house. State police charged the man with domestic assault.

•  Responded to an accident at the intersection of  Foote Street and Route 7.

•  Notified the dog warden of a dog reported to be running loose near Danyow Drive and Rogers Road.

•  Checked the welfare of a student on Valley View Road.

•  Investigated a broken window in a Middlebury Union High School hallway.

•  Checked on a vehicle with an open door parked in an abandoned lot off Exchange Street.

On Sept. 21:

•  Checked the area of Washington Street and Painter Road after a report of a possibly intoxicated and injured person. No one was found.

•  Responded to an accident with injuries at Academy and College streets.

•  Served a temporary restraining order to a Court Street resident.

•  Helped a man who was confused about having his vehicle secured by family members for safety reasons.

•  Dealt with a car accident on College Street.

•  Checked the welfare of a high school student.

•  Served two no-trespass orders in the Court Street area.

•  Issued Court Diversion paperwork to a student after school staff found the student in possession of tobacco and marijuana paraphernalia.

•  Took a report of a car driving past a stopped school bus on Seymour Street.

On Sept. 22:

•  Dealt with an accident at Court and Monroe streets.

•  Looked into larceny from an unlocked vehicle parked on Court Street.

•  Dealt with a minor accident on College Street.

•  Served a local resident with court documents on Merchants Row.

•  Handled a car accident on Merchants Row.

•  Arrested James E. Bryant, 41, of Rutland on an outstanding warrant and lodged him at the Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility. Police had responded to a request from the  Middlebury Natural Foods Co-Op for help with an intoxicated and belligerent customer.

On Sept. 23:

•  Looked into the possible theft of mail on Route 7 South.

•  Checked out a report of a traffic hazard on Quarry Road.

•  Took a report of two backpacks stolen from Middlebury College.

•  Responded to a report of a man acting suspicious near Creek Road. Police found no one.

•  Began an investigation into possible child abuse at a Court Street address; the investigation in ongoing.

•  Went to North Pleasant Street to assisted the Counseling Service of Addison County with a troublesome patient.

•  On Court Street issued diversion paperwork to a minor who had consumed alcohol.

•  Cited to Dylan P. Hughes, 30, of South Burlington for driving with a suspended license following a traffic stop on Court Street.

On Sept. 24:

•  Transported a suicidal female to Porter Hospital for a mental health evaluation.

•  Responded to a report of a vehicle being operating erratically on Cady Road.

•  Investigated a noise complaint on Valley View Drive.

•  Notified the dog warden that a Maple Court caller had reported dogs were harassing her chickens.

•  While on patrol investigated homeless people sleeping on town property near Mary Hogan Drive.

On Sept. 25:

•  Investigated a complaint of people on and around parked construction equipment near Hannaford Supermarket. No one was found.

•  Investigated a person under 21 years of age attempting to purchase alcohol at Hannaford.

•  Investigated an unfounded noise complaint on Valley View Drive.

•  Checked out a report of male yelling at traffic, playing music and pointing something at passing cars. Police determined a man was playing a clarinet and asking for money from passersby.

•  Warned hosts of a college party on Quarry Road to turn down a loud outside stereo system.

•  Assisted Middlebury Regional EMS at Middlebury College with an intoxicated student.

•  Spoke to an individual on Main Street about having an open beer and littering.

On Sept. 26:

•  Took a report from Porter Drive of a possible missing firearm.

•  Investigated a complaint of ongoing issues with people consuming alcohol and sleeping on Mary Hogan Drive.

•  Looked into a report of unlawful mischief on Washington Street Extension.

•  Investigated complaints of homeless people sleeping on Mary Hogan school property.

•  Investigated the report of a loud party on Jayne Court.

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