Vergennes Police Log for Sept. 23

VERGENNES — After several incidents in which unlocked vehicles parked around Vergennes have been entered and money and items stolen, city police are urging residents to keep their cars and trucks locked and not leave anything of value in them.

Most recently, a resident reported the theft during Sunday night of about $128 from an unlocked car in a Sunset Drive yard. Earlier on Sunday, a Thomas Circle resident reported seeing a man leaving the scene after seeing tail lights on his wife’s car light up, and told police it was clear someone had entered the vehicle.

Also on Sunday, police took a report of a man fleeing on a bicycle from a pickup truck on Green Mountain Acres from which $3 had been stolen.

On Sept. 14, owners of two vehicles parked at 45 Armory Lane reported small amounts of money and items taken. Police reported video footage from the Armory Lane parking lot showed a man with a bicycle looking into vehicles for items and checking doors to see if they were locked.

In other action between Sept. 6 and 20, Vergennes conducted eight patrols by cruiser and one on foot, one property watch, and one VIN inspection; responded to one false alarm and one accidental 911 call; and helped one motorist get into a locked vehicle.

Police also reported the following incidents:

• On Sept. 6, helped Vermont State Police at the city station by evaluating a driver involved in a fatal New Haven accident for driving under the influence of drugs.

• On Sept. 7, after responding to a complaint, told youths to find a more responsible place to ride scooters than the middle of School Street.

• On Sept. 8: On behalf of a friend, checked on the welfare of a Walker Avenue resident, who said he was OK; cautioned a driver not to pass a stopped school bus; and advised a resident involved in a family dispute over vehicle ownership.

• On Sept. 9:

• Were told two students had left the Vergennes Union High School campus and were refusing to return. School officials eventually dealt with the incident without police help.

• Tried unsuccessfully to reach a contractor who a resident said had not completed work on a ramp after receiving a $1,400 payment.

• Responded to a Green Street accident in which a car struck a cyclist, causing injuries. Police said the cyclist was taken to the UVM Medical Center.

On Sept. 10:

• Issued a no-trespass order to a Walker Avenue resident who had allegedly repeatedly yelled at and threatened Main Street neighbors.

• Took a report of the theft of a cellphone and credit cards from a purse at a Vergennes Union High School athletic field.

• Responded to a report of a man acting erratically at Shaw’s Supermarket. Police arranged for the man to spend the night at his mother’s home in Vergennes.

• Went to North Main Street to help a man who said there were dead animals in his basement. Police said there were none, and the man said his medications were possibly affecting him and he agreed to go to bed.

On Sept. 11:

• Dealt with an unlocked window in a South Water Street basement.

• Were told that a car had been stolen or repossessed. The complainant later called back and said he found it parked on Main Street.

• Checked the welfare of a Main Street resident, who said he was OK.

• Worked with VSP after hearing a woman say she was worried about her granddaughter, who was at a house in Starksboro; VSP picked her up there.

On Sept. 14:

• Calmed a mother-daughter dispute at a West Main Street residence, and did so again two days later.

• Informed a resident of a death in the family.

• Took a complaint from a resident of a South Water Street apartment, who was upset about the backup alarm on a neighbor’s scooter.

On Sept. 15, helped the Addison County Unit for Special Investigations by seizing a cellphone from a juvenile.

On Sept. 16:

• Advised a local educator how to resolve a dispute between a student and a guardian over property retrieval.

• Were notified by a parent that one student had threatened the complainant’s daughter, and the school was handling it by setting up a meeting between the parties.

• Reported to National Guard authorities an open window at the Monkton Road armory.

On Sept. 17:

• Helped the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad at a Union Street call.

• Helped persuade an 11-year-old to attend school.

• Responded, along with VARS, to a report of a female overdosing in the facility parking lot. VARS took her to Porter Hospital.

• Took a report that a vehicle parked on Main Street had been keyed at some point recently.

• Told a Maplefields convenience store employee, who had called to report a suspicious car “parked in a weird manner,” to call again if a problem developed.

On Sept. 18:

• After a complaint, advised a caller’s ex-wife not to show up at his residence unannounced.

• Were told a cellphone had been stolen from a soccer bag in a VUHS middle school science room; police said they hope security camera footage can help the investigation.

On Sept. 19:

• Backed up VSP at an investigation of an alleged domestic assault in a Basin Harbor Club cabin; VSP cited a Boston woman in the case.

• Cited Anthony Booska, 41, for driving under the influence of drugs. Police said they were alerted to be on the lookout for a vehicle being driven north on Route 22A by a person acting erratically in a Bridport parking lot. Police said the description of the man and the vehicle matched Booska, and found enough evidence at his place of residence to obtain a warrant to draw his blood for drug testing and to issue the citation, pending the test results.

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