Vergennes Police Log: Streets quieter than usual

VERGENNES — In a mostly quieter than typical week between Aug. 30 and Sept. 5, Vergennes police among other incidents began looking into a retail theft, destroyed two bags of marijuana, called the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad to transport an inebriated resident to Porter Hospital, and dealt with a threatening complaint.

During those seven days, Vergennes police went out on 14 patrols by cruiser and three on foot, conducted one VIN inspection, and:

On Aug. 30:

•  Handled a report of the theft of merchandise from Kinney Drugs. Police said they are sharing a video of the incident with other law enforcement agencies in hopes of identifying the suspect.

•  Destroyed a bag of marijuana found in the Vergennes Union High School student parking lot.

•  After issuing a no-trespass order to one Walker Avenue resident on behalf of another, dispatched a bag of marijuana the offending party had left in the other person’s apartment.

•  Heard a complaint from a West Rutland resident that she had a legal interest in a car a city resident was selling; police said, however, that the complainant as of earlier this week had yet to produce persuasive evidence that she owned the car or that her signature had been forged.

On Sept. 1:

•  Dealt with a fender-bender in the Shaw’s Supermarket parking lot.

•  Took a report of vandalism to a car parked on South Maple Street, an incident that police said dated back to the keying spree of mid-August.

•  Heard from a homeless woman that she believed she was being stalked. Police later checked in on her car, where she was sleeping.

On Sept. 3:

•  Talked to a man who had been spray-painting his truck in Falls Park while allegedly playing loud music; police spoke to him as he was leaving and found no issues.

•  Responded to a call from a drunken Walker Avenue resident who said she needed help taking off a cowboy boot. Police said her blood-alcohol content tested at 0.277, and they called the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad to take her to Porter Hospital. For the sake of comparison, the legal blood-alcohol content for driving in Vermont is 0.08.

On Sept. 4:

•  Heard from a White Street resident that a teen, apparently the son of new neighbors, had harassed him. Police spoke to the neighbors, and they said the teen would not be living with them.

•  Dealt with a complaint that an elderly man walking a dog had relieved himself in the Collins Aerospace parking lot. Police told the man not to do so again.

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