Letter to the editor: Many helped MALT’s efforts

The Middlebury Area Land Trust (MALT) board and staff appreciates the recognition of our recent work. Recent articles about the anonymous $100K gift to the Trail Around Middlebury (TAM), our Counselor-in-Training program at Summer Camps, the three-dimensional map of the TAM, and our conservation of Willard’s Woods in Lincoln were joyful stories to share and read.

We would like to take extra care in acknowledging those that made our current successes possible. First, thank you to all the former staff, directors, board members, and volunteers who set the foundation for the TAM to receive the generous donation to the TAM. Wow, we owe you all an immense wheelbarrow of gratitude! Secondly, the recent and expanded successes of MALT’s Summer Camp programs could not be possible without the love, dedication, and vision of Katie McEachen and Mo Bissonnette, who started the camps over a decade ago. They, too, set a foundation from which our camps have grown to serve so many youths of Addison County and beyond. 

For all the miles MALT has travelled and all the miles to come, Thank you.

Jamie Brookside, MALT Executive Director

Michael Corbett, MALT Board President

Patrick Ganey, MALT Board Secretary

Chris Anderson, MALT Board Treasurer

Board Members:

Lesley Deppman

Claire Tebbs

Derek Hammel

Erik Remsen

Alyth Hescock

Emily Blistein

Chris Brooks

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